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24 bit monster HP patch

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(10-24-2017, 04:17 PM)ExiaTreason Wrote: Sorry to be a hassle. But does this patch work with 1.0, 1.1 or both? I know the ROM must be headered (mine is a 1.0 headered). But when I hex edit the Guard at 0FD150 to 01, the guard still has just 40 HP and dies with 1 fire beam attack.

Also will expanding my ROM effect this in any way? I have expanded it to 28-bit. Just wondering why it's having issues. Thanks!

I've included the code below as well. I will note that these did all appear as FF as noted earlier. I don't expect this had anything to do with this issue though.
[Image: HexFF6.png]

I can confirm it works for 1.0 or 1.1, expanded or not. And your code there looks to be correct/in the right spot...hmm, I'm not sure offhand what would prevent it from working, seems all good here. Hopefully someone will have an idea about it. But what all have you done with your ROM thus far besides this? Have you tried it on a clean ROM just to see if it works for you then?

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lol this is embarrassing. I forgot to delete the SRM file. So it wasn't using the new data. Thanks for the help though!

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I think B-Run included a fixed version of the 24-bit monster HP patch in his monster AI upgrade patch, which can be found in this forum.

EDIT: oops, wrong thread. Tongue

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