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Pertinence of a ff6hacking.com Wiki
I just want to weight the potential reception and involvement among the community if we would host a wiki here. There's already the Data Crytal Page that does a good job with the SNES version and there's also a Slick Forum wiki buit it lacks FF6 info for now.

What I consider could fit in the wiki without doubling the info already on data crystal are det
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Wiki Discussion
I'm just opening a thread for wiki discussion to better coordinate our efforts and not step on each other toes.

+1 to Lockirby for starting the FAQ. Victory

My personal opinion is that  it should be a place to answer the most common questions with an overview of some aspect of hacking the game, such as the most useful editors/utilities.

What I'll try to come up with today:

- Complete Utility page, including more obscure ones.
- Document page
- Tentative table of content for the FF3us pag

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