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IDA Pro newbie Tutorial (GBA, SNES, loader script, GDB debugger)
A) Tutorial goal
1) Disassemble partially a SNES ROM (first steps)
2) Disassemble partially a GBA ROM (first baby steps)
3) Understand some very basic IDA Pro functionalities

B) What is needed
1) IDA Pro (6.8 used here)
3) Visual Studio community (free)
4) FF3us ROM (1.0 used in example)
5) FF6A ROM (European version used in example but it real
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SNES / GBA / C coding Resources
I was bored tonight so I decided to try to collect some tutorials links.

Wiki Links: SNES Documentation

From SNES Development:
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The Kickstarter Thread
I just discovered the search feature on Kickstarter. I found a few interesting projects, huge games and smaller ones. If you have look up interesting kickstarter campains (or other indie game project links) post them or discuss what have been posted.

Project Phoenix
After 1 million $USD raised and 129 updates, no gameplay teaser

Children of Zodiac
Tactic RPG game
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Breath of Fire 2 minor hacking
[color=#000000][size=small][font=Verdana, Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif]So, I recently started to re-play the game on Snes9x because, well, I want to do an enhancement for the game once and for all, and currently using the retranslation hack (normal game is far too broken with the Engrish and lack of dash feature).  Nevertheless, the one thing that breaks the game for me later on is that darker battle theme, I don't like it, I want to change it so it keeps the normal battle theme throughout the e
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Is there a consolidated list of all the bugfix hacks?
I want to play FF3 on the SNES with as many bugs fixed as possible, is there a list somewhere?

Also what patching and SNES header management tools do you recommend for Linux?

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