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CtrlxZ 2018 Sprites
So these are some of the sprites I made for the Beyond Chaos community. All of them are WIP, 16 colors, and still probably need some work. 

Reno (Final Fantasy 7)
Kelgar (Final Fantasy 5)
Bartz (Final Fantasy 5) (this one needs serious work and I'm not sure where to start)
Edge (Final Fantasy 4)
Sephiroth (Final Fantasy 7)
Holy Dragoon Kain (Final Fantasy 4 After Years)
Orlandu (Final Fantasy Tactics [edited and combined from FFRK and Silvermaine])

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Final Fantasy 6.7

Final Fantasy 7 in Final Fantasy 6

As a forewarning, I made this romhack a few years ago and never uploaded it here, It has a bunch of things mashed together and I'm not exactly sure all that I changed/ what was taken from others. I do apologize if your work was used and you were never credited. I decided it would be better to archive it here, and not to keep it from everyone. Please be nice, I know its not really balanced, but I do remember spending

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