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Final Fantasy Challenger To Stamina
Final fantasy Challenger To Stamina

Version 1.0

One bonus Stats avaibles the for all Espers.

All power Magic and skill Divised to four and mana cost too.
More cast skill and spell to finish the battle.

All armor and weapon is 1/2 power stats.
Is Balanced game but it is low Domage you ennemie and you.

Actor add +10 all stats bonus and double extra HP/MP MAX.
To begin...

Perfect low level challenge.

Exp it is Divised for multiple Ten number.
Extreme Low Level Gain.

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FF9 Mod hard 1.5.5 Version steam
Hello, I’m coming to tell you about a mod I made and quite complete on Final Fantasy 9.

For those who would like to redo the game but with novelty or difficulty and length to finish the game to make low level challenge or simply to make the perfect part.

Formula stats (Gameplay)

Speed = Basic Speed + [Level / 10] + [Bonus Fragments / 32]
Force = Basic Force + [Level * 3/10] + [Bonus Fragments / 32]
Magic = Basic Magic + [Level * 3/10] + [Bonus Fragments / 32]
Psy = Basic Psy + [L

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