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Planing a return
Yeah, I've been thinking of coming back and finishing my old work. I'll have to relearn everything then learn to read my notes again, but the last thing I was working on actually had some level of promise to turn I to a proper full game mod, which I'll discuss next. If I manage a return to nodding it won't be immediate and probably won't show any proper results for even longer but as with most massive mods, eventually on both. Gotta get several things straightened out first in order to dedicate
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Project preview: Comments/suggestions/testing welcome
Still not sure what to title this thread, what THIS project actually is, or what to call it so comments as to that are more than welcome too.

This is a bit of a preview, perhaps, of what I've been working on, quit, let collect dust for years, forgot how to code, then dug up and attempted to get started on again. I admit, it's a ridiculous ambition and don't really have a defined goal but here is... Part of it.

It goes on a V1.0 headerless ROM.

"It" is an attempt to actually do something

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