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Hunter/Gappy from Eternal Filena tease
I decided to give this one a shot, since Hunter is a playable character in Eternal Filena. There really isn't a whole lot to say about him other than he he does appear on the game's cover art. He's much like Interceptor, only that he is playable.  Also to note, his Japanese name is Gappy, but the translation I played calls him Hunter. I may also add separate animations for him later on, or use some of Interceptor's actions or items to initiate them. Looking for input, c
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Wolf Dog Hunter from Eternal Filena Completed
Here is Hunter from Eternal Filena. Here is his portrait and his completed sprite sheet. I have never done a portrait of a dog before, so hopefully it turned out pretty good. As always input and criticism is welcome.
[Image: https://www.ff6hacking.com/misc/sprites/...rtrait.png]
[Image: https://www.ff6hacking.com/misc/sprites/...hunter.png]
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Amanela Sprite Sheet Finished
Here is Amanela from Eternal Filena. And her portrait. Any input is welcome.  
[Image: https://www.ff6hacking.com/misc/sprites/...manela.png]
[Image: https://www.ff6hacking.com/misc/sprites/...rtrait.png]

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