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Gau dressed in Locke's outfit
[Image: https://i.imgur.com/RliwifB.png]
Gau, dressed in Locke's clothes during the Gau's father event/quest clothes shopping scene. The extra spot by the tent is a quick and nasty sprite of Setzer's outfit (quickly recolored to fit palette 1). 

It ain't pretty, could be a Lot better, etc. But remember, it was supposed to be "awkward" or otherwise a NO for the family reunion, least that's my justification for my sloppy work. It isn't just a cut and paste head swap, Gau is younger and skinn
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Check LEAP against known Rages?
Would it be possible to disable or enable the Leap command (still on Veldt) based on known or unknown Rages?

I was always fond of having Leap replace Rage while on the Veldt, using only one commamd slot, allowing Gau to have the standard Fight command as well.

What I haven't done is ever attempted a check against known Rages in order to enable Leap to replace Rage. Never checked against known Rages or known spells/skills for anything for that matter...

Not even sure if the vanilla game

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