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Brave New World Script Change
Alrighty, so I'm obviously new to the mod/hacking work, so I'm basically here to get some advice on how to proceed with my current project.

The project in question will be using Brave New World as a mechanical base, and applying a translation overhaul which will effectively combine the best parts from BNW along with the TWU Hack and my own personal touches.

Ultimately, Vanilla FFVI had far too many bugs and whatnot plaguing it. The Evade stat feels like a waste, Ultima span becomes inevita
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Uses default pallet#3(strago etc)

[Image: https://www.ff6hacking.com/misc/sprites/...eggman.png]
[Image: https://www.ff6hacking.com/misc/sprites/...rtrait.png]

The classic version from sonic 1.
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It's this possible?
Hello everyone!

I just made a list of changes that my hack will include, and I would like to know if they are possible to do and how much hacking they would need.

Here it's the list:
  • Create a item to revive Leo and add him as a 15 playable character.
  • Add a secret room at the Colosseum with a secret boss.
  • Make the economizer only reduce mp consumption by 75%.
  • Put the Dragons that were on Kefka's Tower in other locations.
  • Add new bosses in the places where the Dr
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Final Fantasy VI - A Soldier's Continengcy
[Image: https://i.imgur.com/9GlxARM.png]

Well, After 5-years of hard work - it's finally that time.  Thanks to many of you here who helped make this hack become a reality, it is finally done!  Really, I could not have gotten this far without this community!

For all who don't know, A Soldier’s Contingency is a comprehensive gameplay and expansion hack for FFVI, based on the wonderful hack by Fedorajoe/Fauntleroy titled the “General Leo Edition”.  In addition to being able to recruit Leo,

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