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Final Fantasy Sound Effects
A bunch of sound effects (FF1 to FF9) I've collected over the time. It's not all sounds from the game mentioned, especially FF1, FF2 and FF3. There's also a misc SE folder with possible duplicates.


Download (168MB)
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FF9 Garnet Sprites (Based off of Record Keeper)
Based off of Record Keeper sprites is Princess Garnet from Final Fantasy 9.
[Image: https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/5...g-Hair.png]
Since the community seems split on what they like better, I decided to do both long and short hair variations.
[Image: https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/5...t-Hair.png]
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FF9 Mod hard 1.5.5 Version steam
Hello, I’m coming to tell you about a mod I made and quite complete on Final Fantasy 9.

For those who would like to redo the game but with novelty or difficulty and length to finish the game to make low level challenge or simply to make the perfect part.

Formula stats (Gameplay)

Speed = Basic Speed + [Level / 10] + [Bonus Fragments / 32]
Force = Basic Force + [Level * 3/10] + [Bonus Fragments / 32]
Magic = Basic Magic + [Level * 3/10] + [Bonus Fragments / 32]
Psy = Basic Psy + [L

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