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FF6hacking chat
Based on a post on Insane Difficulty, I decided to set up a ff6hacking.com chat for discussing anything with the discord application. It's web based but there is a desktop app too, which seems to be good. Admin can create other channels, we could have a #hackinghelp one as an example on the server but for now there is only the #general channel. I set up the max number of users from now to 50 but it could be unlimited too.

We have the shoutbox but it's quite limited, I haven't looked at all disc
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Discord Jams
Ok so i figured it'd be a good idea to make a topic about this so we are all a lil bit better coordinated for next time, let's put up some songs we should all try to learn!

So from me id like to definitely perfect that opera we almost had it guys lol
decisive battle 
man with a machine gun... need to know this
some zelda stuff might be fun also, thoughts guys?

also a possible skype jam before hand might help to know what keys each of us will use

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