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Need help with event flag.
Hello everyone, yesterday I was playing the semi-translated FF6 T-Edition and I intentionally skipped the Shoat (defeated) and Carbuncle battles that took place after the first fight with Kefka, and now I'm right before the Floating Continent. It ocurred to me to watch the Poemato's walkthrough of the hack to see if I missed something, until I saw this.
[Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Dvz731dHMC0&t=384s]
How can I do to make those three npc to appear in that place to figh
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Quick question about level averaging
To a lesser extent, where these moments occur beyond their initial joining but to the main question:
Does Banon's level matter when new party members join your party afterwards in determining their level?

I thought I'd "easy route" a low level game by having Banon gain some solo XP a few times and get his level up (and score some nice GP too!) from a mockingly low Level 2 to roughly 10. I'm wondering if I left him at level 2 if Shadow, Cyan, Gau and Celes would join at a lower level? Cover


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