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Frozen-status bug

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(from the PM) a correction of some of my comments:

Quote:to correct myself: Freeze does halt the ATB gauge, and presumably the Wait Timer (used in ready stances) as well.  but it does so without modifying those two bits that Sleep status does.

assuming it halts the Wait Timer (i should really confirm with a debugger), that helps explain how slower characters dodge the bug.  they're not completing their ready stance and attempting to queue their action until *after* Freeze is gone.  meanwhile, your fast character probably has the action queue occur at about the same time as the freezing.

but now i'm not grasping why Freeze has the bug and Stop dodges it. :/  Sleep i get, because it resets the ATB once removed.

some headway on a couple of the Great Satan Bits:

- $3AA0, Bit 4 has been known for awhile, but to repeat it: Entity is Wounded, Petrified, or Stopped, or somebody else is under the influence of Quick.
- $3AA0, Bit 6: (Bit 4 conditions) OR (Entity is Controlled, Asleep, Frozen, or Tentacle-Seized) OR (C2/00F9 has (tried to) execute(d) a conventional turn for this entity since C2/08C6 last ran for it).
- $3AA1, Bit 7: C2/00F9 declined to execute a conventional turn for the entity due to $3AA0 Bits 4 and/or 6 being set, and is requesting a "second chance" at Action or Wait queuing.

usually, the Action or Wait queuing happens in response to a timer filling up.  the fact that it can also happen in Function C2/08C6 makes me think "second chance" is on the right track, and that Square was trying to account for Sleep or something similar denying the conventional turn from happening.

beyond that, i dunno what's going on.  i still have yet to debug things to verify that the conventional turn is attempted, and that the character still has an entry in their conventional  queue to facilitate the second chance being granted, etc.

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