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This thread shall serve as an extensive resource -for newcomers and experienced hackers alike- on everything related on hacking Final Fantasy 6.


My Barren Webpage
Host of many patches, mostly bugfixes. You can also find on this site a commented C2 disassembly and other documents.

Imzogelmo's Not-Even-Penultimate ROM Resource
Here you can find patches and essential documents for event editing such as the event dump and event commands list.

ZED's Unoriginal White Sheet
Host of various hacking documents and patches. There is also FF3us documents such as the Sketch bug guide.

Slick Productions
Good resource for disassembly docs. They host a variety of patches, including their Pandora's Box hack.

Novalia Spirit's Fridgia Nova (Website down for now, see this post for documents)
Here are the disassemblies for banks E5 and EE, as well as the event bit list. You can also find patches for the SNES and GBA version of FFVI.

FFVI Encyclopedia
Patches and documents like the enemy command script guide and commented C2 disassembly (differently commented).

Drakkhen's Patch Pages
Host of some patches and a partial FFVI Advance ROM map.

Geiger's Crypt
Some patches, utilities and the incredible snes9x debugger.

Lord J's website
Host of FF3usME as well as other utilities.

mblock129's humble patches page
Event patches and graphical patches.
Archived patches:

Leet Sketcher's Patches
A new bug fixing patch maker's site.

Mnrogar's Den
Some documents and a good source for savestates.

Forum Slickness
Slick Productions forum.

Mnrogar Forums
Forum where it all started. You can't register anymore but it's still a good place to find info.
Patches, documents and general utilities. Check also the forum.

FFVI Rom hacking Guide, by Cless
Pioneer document on FF3us data.

Final Fantasy VI - Datacrystal

Datacrystal RAM Map


For technical resources, please visit this thread.

Beginner to Intermediate Event tutorial
Nice videos done by xJCSx on how to create your own events.

All Things Event Hacking
Thread designated to document all of our findings regarding events.

All About Battle Events
Thread designated to document all of our findings regarding in-battle events.

Event Bits and Branching Tutorial
This should be watched after gaining a deep understanding of how events work.

Fantasy Anime
Number one resource for US and Japanese ROMS, as well as save states.

Music Hacking Tutorial
Contains all you'll ever need to compose custom songs in FF6.

FF3 Ending Scene Names tutorial
How to edit the ending names on FF6.

Other Sites

JCE3000GT's Hacking Den - Creator of EasyType hacks, as well as experienced in injecting custom songs.

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