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Formation Special Event Flag Findings

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(01-07-2021, 02:32 PM)Gi Nattak Wrote: 5) '458 ? gau. return from veldt' looks to be just that, Gau, probably returning from the Veldt. But it is not used, or rather it is put on an unused formation (458) with a oddly placed Dirt Dragon. Perhaps a dinosaur was meant to show up to take the Dried Meat instead and...okay I'm stretching now. This formation is in the range of other weird non-used ones, so who knows.

[Speculation] Perhaps World of Ruin Gau was meant to be locked behind a boss battle, like many of the other World of Ruin characters?  The thieves in the Cave on the Veldt talk about the dinosaurs and the boy in the wild, so perhaps when Gau appeared and you used the Dried Meat again it would trigger a boss fight.
Could have been scrapped because of fear of the 'on the veldt' flags, as much of the Gau protective coding revolves around that.[/Speculation]

Very nice list.  Character Acting as Monster events kinda melt my brain, but I'm sure somebody will find this quite useful.

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