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Donation Drive for the Site! For 2021 and Beyond

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Greetings to you all! It's that time of the year. This site needs funding in order to stay active and thriving. Last year we reached our goal quickly, and hopefully we can do the same again this year! I love this community, and I want to see it keep going. I'll chip in what little I can when I get paid, but I believe as a team we can fund this site for 2021, and even beyond that!

2020 has been a very rough time, and we've all struggled with everything that's going on. As a community, we've helped one another in small and large ways, and I'd like to hope that through determination we can overcome all challenges, right?

I know I don't make much of a presence around here, or with the community... but that's going to change very soon. If it's an incentive that helps motivate for the donation drive, if we reach our minimum goal of $200, I'd like to start a showcase project. I don't have much to share about it right now, but if we meet the goal, I'll make a thread for the project, which I hope will excite everyone!

Lets show 2020 who's boss and end with a bang; bring in 2021 with a fresh new perspective, and a whole slew of new possibilities!

 The year of twenty-twenty-fun!

Here's the link to donate. Thank you so much for your generosity.

-Fire Storm

EDIT:  Surprised

Every time I start to worry, you all remind me there's no reason to! The generosity of this userbase continues to surprise me each year, and I'm so grateful for your help. With the contributions everyone has made in the past day, we've met the goal to renew the site for the duration of 2021. That's such a relief! I'll keep the money pool up in case anyone wants to donate for another year on top of that; but there's absolutely no pressure to do that.

As I promised an incentive, I shall deliver. Objection!

I'm becoming a Twitch streamer, and I'd like to use it to try to promote the site, and FF6 Hacks in general. Of course I'll do other things... but I'd really like it if I could showcase the works of all of you, no matter how big, no matter how small. Whether it's a full-on feature-length game, or something simple like a boss battle, custom character, music track, etc; I wanna play them and show them off!

Is this something you'd be interested in? Let me know!

"The doom and gloom is justified.
A couple of people are going to die.
Even though you can turn back the time,
you're always a moment too late!"
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