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Patch: Decoupled Color-Coded MP Digits

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author: SilentEnigma (updates), Imzogelmo (original implementation)
(Version 1.3 released 2021-04-19)

This is a reworking of Imzogelmo's "Color-Coded MP Digits" patch, which recolors the MP damage and healing numerals displayed during battle. Imzogelmo's original patch has the unfortunate side effect of changing the palette used by the reflected spells animation; this new implementation keeps the reflected spells animation intact.

It also fixes the "Crusader redecorates Reflect barriers" / "Red Reflect" bug. (And Gi Nattak has informed me the patch is incompatible with Lenophis' Bad Decoration fix.)

Pink is used for MP damage, and blue is used for MP healing.
Since the new colors are no longer coupled to the reflected spells graphic, a different blue color is used for the MP healing numerals.

[Image: MPDigits-Decoupled.png]

This patch uses Imzogelmo's original "Color-Coded MP Digits" patch as a base. Some of Imgozelmo's code has been moved in order to make the new patch more compatible with C. V. Reynolds' Bug-Fix Compilation (version 1.16) [edit: note: Bad Decoration must still be excluded for this patch to work.]

Two methods are available for applying the mod:
  • the default full version patch for fresh ROMs
  • an upgrade patch for ROMs which already have Imzogelmo's version applied


.zip (5.91 KB, 50 downloads)
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