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Favorite Zone from FF5?

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Since this is the FF5 hub, I figured this is the right spot to have a discussion like this.

What is your favorite zone from FF5?

For me, I'd have to say the Pyramid, because of the field encounter system used therein.  Random encounters were triggered by making field contact with snake NPCs on the map.  Traps would release them, and they would occasionally spawn from various holes in the walls.  I absolutely adore this mechanic, because it rewards careful maneuvering on the field map and also makes the field feel more connected to combat than the random encounter system does.
Granted, this was the only zone in the game that did this, but can you imagine what it might have been like the whole-game over?  Ooh, that would be cool.

Other zones that were close seconds for me would have been the library and the N-Zone.  Whoa, the N-Zone was incredible... if it'd used the same mechanic as the Pyramid it would be hand's down the winner.  I mean, it did for Omega, but it still had random encounters.

Anyway, what about you?

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