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FF7 Dyne

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If you played most of FF7's Disk 1, you'll sure remember Dyne, Barret's old friend, who plays a small role in the story and then dissappears for the rest of the game. If you liked this character and want to give him a second chance, this sprite is for you.
Unlike Barret, his machine gun is on his left hand, so it's mostly present on his side sprite; also late in development, due to how the game hands the front walking animations, i had to drastically change them in order to prevent the game from loading pieces of the gun on his right hand. As it looks at first glance, I used Locke as a base for most of the sprite and it uses a (very) custom palette in which only Locke's red NPC Colors survive.
The portrait was created from a artwork i found on FF Wiki.
As a little extra, in place of the Scared Terra/ Japanese letters pose there is a teaser for a sprite of Marlene i created during the development (albeit with Dyne's colors, but the NPC brown hair is hers), so if you want, you can also leave a feedback on her.
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