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Resuming a secret FF6 (FF3us) project

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Rise from your grave, project! Ready and willing to do more songs to complete the soundtrack. Wink Just need quality midis... Perhaps once Jackimus returns he might be willing to bang out some that we do not have midis of, as he can make his own, unlike me lol. Also as I said in the email I'm happy to assist with event editing questions/teaching, and am willing to do some hands on event work too as time/work permits. Too bad Zone Doctor is not reliable and crashy/buggy, I think you'd have found event editing much simpler with it's event editor that is like Temporal Flux's... but alas the utility is not to be trusted in regards to event editing imo.

After spending so much time with my project I must admit I'm a bit burned out and liking not working on anything atm, but perhaps spending time on another project will bring back some of that energy, and this project is definitely worthy and I was greatly enjoying the progress that was made a long while back.

We are born, live, die and then do the same thing over again.
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