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Things I want to do with my version of FFVI.

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Patches wanted to use:
All patches from Common Patches.

ff6sb_learnable_rage_10, Runic_Forever, AlwaysSprint10, SwdTech_Speed_Up, Mog Never Fails, Wrong_Way_Idiot!, PhantomTrain chest, Keeping Dark World music patch.

Possibly use:
1) Final Fantasy VI (Ted Woolsey Uncensored Edition 1-8), FF6 Improvement by DarkMage, Overkill - 32000.
2) Break 9999 Damage Limit
3) Less random Limit Break system. Something more like FF7.

Bugs want to fix:
1) Runic. (PREVENT accidentally triggers and only when damaging magic targets party.)
2) Possibly remove enemies from falling house in Tzen. Reasons: Lame. Prefer: Lower time or some other thing.
3) Change airship slot to something else. Reasons: During the time have no airship, can still use said move. Could be something else.
4) Give Celes WARP after story event or early level spell to learn.
5) Remove the need for Rusted Door removal. Reasons: Makes no sense why Cyan is there with it sealed.

Bosses added: (In Progress...)
1) Bahamut (Appear after 8 Dragons to give Bahamut Esper)
2) Magus Sisters (Similar to this). Boss replace needed, and characters on screen need to replace through hex. (Trying to do...)
3) Gilgamesh added with clash on big bridge music.
4) Leviathan.

Characters added: (Through character add patch)
Would like to add: "Lenna from V and Rydia from IV"

EXTRA Maybe:
1) Think of a way to change Runic to SwordMagic later in game similar to what was mentioned in my other topic.
2) Give Summon as a command to Terra (Or Rydia if can add) somehow. Ref1 Ref2
3) Add in FFVIA spells? Ex: Aura
4) EDIT Battle Music LOCATION to start later in song. Like HALF WAY or replace it with something else.

I doubt I can ever do this hack but if someone think they can maybe I can offer something in return.. I don't know though.

Here be link to resources for backup and incase anyone think this can be easy? Everything is hard for me.

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