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Tutorial: Changing tileset graphic (YY-CHR)

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Changing Tileset Graphic with YY-CHR

YY_CHR (C++ version):
SNESpal & FF6LE Rogue:
ROM map:

In this graphical turorial I'm covering how to change a tileset graphic in FF6 with YY-CHR (treasure chest at E0/FCE0). I'm also showing how to locate and change the palette using SNESpal with the help of FF6LE Rogue & Gimp. This tutorial is aimed at beginners and require no special skill other than logic and patience.

Beware, there is some mumbling and speaking to self when I actually sprite the chest. : spriter concentration :

Aside from the "nearby" or "zoning" method I'm using to locate the palette, if you know which palette you have in FF6LE Rogue, you can do the math to locate accurately the palette in the ROM:

base_offset + (palette_set * 256 + palette_index * 16).

In hex: ED/C480 + (15 * 100 + 0A * 10) = ED/DA20 (ED/DC20 with header like in the video). *

* Palettes are read from bottom to top in FF6LE Rogue hence the 6th palette from top is 10th (0A).

[Image: yy1.png]

[Image: yy3.png]

[Image: yy2.png]

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