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Forum Update Bug Reports / Suggestions Thread

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This thread is to report bug, styling/display problems and typos. You can also make suggestion on new, old or future features.

If you want to report something else other than a typo or contradictory information, please specify which browser you are using (IE bugs will be ignored, unless they appear in Firefox or Chrome as well). You can report stuff happening with Opera or other browsers, even mobile ones, but be aware that this theme was not designed with mobile devices in mind. A special theme will be installed for mobile devices soon.

So far, these have been found:

red = Next things to be done
green = Fixed
Yellow = Not sure if will fix
Violet = Coding pipe dream (for me at least) / needs alien technology to fix


1 - There is a problem with the pop up screen when giving a second post reputation on the same page (without refreshing the page).
2 - deleting one alert will hide all alerts in user CP, not deleting them though. You'll need to reclick on "alerts" to see them (minus the deleted one).
3 - Music Player: Song takes a bit more time to load on Firefox than Chrome. (Can't really be fixed)
4 - Messages on Profile page: Lame harcoded 500ms delay workaround to see message. (fixed original code, delay still there cause I don't have time to experiment)
5 - apparently, you can pm yourself 
6 - You can comment your own profile.
7- Wrong shoutbox image redirect (profile link)
8- Fix lengthy shouts
9- Allow Bio Regex to accept newlines and return carriage.
10 - Hide the warn button for non-mod users.
11 - Lower number of connection on the forum.
12 - Raise the speed for 1st connection (images compression, cache management).
13 - If the post has a image signature you can't save after quick edit because the image overflow on save button (happend with high images).
14 - A long private conversation in shoutbox create a post fetching problem if conversation has more shouts than shoutbox maximum displayable shouts number.
15 - Fix the shoutbox archive page to not display as empty entries private shouts from others.
16 - Private messages not deleteable for certain users (or group?).

Display/styling/misc future fixes

- Change "Links" title font size on Portal page.
- Add leet dude web page to links
- Find an better icon for the video player on Portal / Index pages.
- Change Gi Nattak email in forum team
- Fix empty profile containers if any, in case of no signature or guest.
- Random screenshot, remove underline on link.
- fix tag search textbox/button size;
- container for buddy modal screen (userCP)
- Complete Profile bio regex to allow certain smilies/MyCode and other special chars.
- Make custom fields regex less restrictive.
- Make chainsaw smilie animated
- Fix "get more smilies" pop up window
- Display more smilies choices (24 or 28)
- Fix "firstplace" group gif image
- Add empty line or/and white line between post and signature (if any)
- Remove the unwanted chicago font effect in select lists in Firefox.
- Fix Shoutbox Newbie warning colors (3 posts to shout)
- Display only one post per thread in "Activities".
- Put in action victory frog and kain smilies who were forgotten in initial update.
- Update the Portal random screenshot code.
- Add a description to forums not having one (index page).
- Center "FF6 hacking" in redirect page.
- Merge all images in grouped CSS sprites for faster loading. (not top priority)
- Enable Search engine Friendly URLs.
- Have post signature at bottom of post container if post content and signature are shorter than post user container.
- Remove Chicago font from thread page and try another font. (post links and other thread page links) (not top priority)


- Add a pm button on profile
- Add a link to tag search page somewhere
- Considered edit post as new posts (for activity feed).
- Make the music player and video player a member-only feature.

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