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Official FF6: Beyond Chaos thread (randomizer)

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OMG an FFVI roguelike-like? I love you. Now I don't have to play any other games ever. I'm going to drop everything I'm doing and give this a try right now.

By the way, I was wondering if there is a list of codes and what they do? Or are they secret? Smile

And a suggestion for BC: difficulty sliders (or numerical options, whatever). I don't know exactly how you modify enemy and equipment stats, but I'm sure you could add multipliers to create things like easy/normal/hard/insane/hell difficulties.

Another suggestion: randomized consumables. "Hm, what's this "Punchberry" for 1500 gil in Thamasa item shop...oh, it MT sets Sleep and heals 3/16 MP? FUN."

EDIT: So I've wiped a couple of times now and this is FUN. A question: I know this is early stage beta and stuff, but are you planning to add Shops or other events/NPCs? Would be nice to find Inns, healing springs, save points etc. Also, I got to the room with the broken bridges in Cave to the Sealed Gate and since the bridges wouldn't switch positions, I couldn't progress. There was one room in Kefka's Tower that had a step switch that moved a piece of the floor so another party could progress though, so I guess you've added SOME events. Umaro's cave didn't have the collapsing floors, however.

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