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Tintinabar Restores MP

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The Tintinabar (or Tintinnabulum) is an interesting, but semi-useless relic. It does not restore enough HP to make it worthwhile. However, if it restored MP, it would be a bit more enticing. This micropatch has the Tintinabar restoring a little bit of MP with every step. Two versions exist: one that restores MP equal to 1/8th of your stamina with each step, and another that restores 1/16th. Choose the version that you want. Note that if you are using the 1/16th version, and the character's stamina is below 16, they will restore 0MP.

This hack is unfortunately incompatible with Lenophis's "Unhardcoded Tintinabar" hack. His code is so optimized that I was unable to add in the extra 2 bytes that were needed to do the additional division.

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