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Dissidia Sedecim - A recreation of FF6's combat engine

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New demo!

As usual, updates for the project at
Now we got portraits from ezeyona, remaking modern FF characters in the FF6 portrait style.

In this demo I've finished all the FF1 jobs I want to add to the game. Warrior/Knight, White Mage/Wizard, Black Mage/Wizard, Monk/Master. I've also added plenty of new items and spells (but a lot of placeholder animations) and a new boss, Garland. Garland is not actually 100% faithful to FFI, I patched up a routine inspired by Chaos and using the spells I had already added to the game.

There's lots of new items now so character customization should be way more interesting. Try out different parties and set ups, see if you can beat every boss.

And, of course, every crash/bug you find, take a screenshot (alt+print screen), take note of what you were doing and send it to 

For the next demos we'll get more bosses and polish up the engine.
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