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Community Resource - Save Compendium - DrakeyC - 12-26-2022

We've all been there - you wanna test something in a specific spot in the game and have to load up a save file or save state and play up to it, even with cheats to disable random encounters and turbo to speedread dialogue, it's a pain. Well, no more! Behold - the Save Compendium! This zip file contains thirty save states making up 40 saved spots in the world just before points of major battles and/or important cutscenes. Through the Magic of Map EditingTM, some bosses have graciously moved out of the way to let you pass them without a fight, so you can skip them if you want or fight them. Additionally, with a save anywhere patch to the rom used for these, many of these saves are in otherwise impossible areas to save in, for convenience with things far from a save point. 

Download the zip and load the appropriate save state to set the save data via the .srm, and there you go. Note that unless otherwise noted, the following applies to ALL of the following save games and save states:
  • Almost all treasures were unopened. I got the ones in the Cave to the Sealed Gate since it's unrevisitable anyway, but I didn't get any others.All minor optional stuff was skipped. This includes flashbacks at Figaro and Kohlingen, buying Espers in Jidoor and Tzen, beating the Eight Dragons, Shadow's dreams, etc. If optional things WERE done, I'll say so.I mostly kept the party's raw stats at a decent level through the World of Balance (and took the care to make their HP/MP match their proper level totals), kept their equipment and inventory up to snuff, gave Gau a few useful Rages and gave Mog all his Dances (nothing ahead of time, though). However, this was not done for the World of Ruin, since its open nature means difficulty is relative. I also never taught anyone natural magic. Save editors are a thing, so you can boost the party as required anyway.

Here's a rundown of all the spots you can access through these save files.

Slot 1: In Tritoch's Cave at the start of the game - through map editing, the fight with Whelk has been bypassed, exit the cave to trigger it.
Slot 2: In the mines while fleeing the guards, walk up to trigger Terra's flashbacks
Slot 3: Before entering Figaro for the first time
State: In the guest room with Locke, speak to him to rest and trigger Kefka's attack.

Slot 1: Outside South Figaro for the first time
Slot 2: Before fighting Vargas
Slot 3: South Figaro with Sabin, telling Duncan's wife about his death
State: In front of the Returner Hideout

Slot 1: Terra just woke up, speak to your allies
Slot 2: Outside with Banon, make your decision
Slot 3: About to board the raft
State: Just before the fight with Ultros. You're actually ON the raft here, so no menu beforehand


Slot 1: Mog and the Three Scenarios
Slot 2: Locke in the underground passage, about to find Celes
Slot 3: Terra's scenario outside of Narshe
State: Terra's scenario outside of Arvis' house

Slot 1: Imperial Camp without Shadow
Slot 2: Imperial Camp with Shadow (all subsequent points are with Shadow)
Slot 3: Cyan about to fight the Guard Captain
State: Imperial Camp after the siege scene

Slot 1: Chasing Kefka in the Imperial Camp
Slot 2: Roof of Doma, Cyan about to search the castle
Slot 3: Imperial Camp, Cyan's attack
State: Outside Imperial Camp, sequence over

Slot 1: Phantom Forest, about to board the train
Slot 2: Phantom Train, before entering the car where the ghosts chase you
Slot 3: Midpoint of the train after being chased
State: Before the point allied ghosts leave you at the enter

Slot 1: Outside Baron Falls
Slot 2: Outside Mobliz with Dried Meat, go find Gau
Slot 3: Outside Crescent Mountain with Gau
State: Nikeah port

Slot 1: Narshe snowfields preparing for the siege
Slot 2: Siege of Narshe about to fight Kefka, slipped past the Rider protecting him
Slot 3: Outside Jidoor with Celes, Locke, Edgar, and Sabin (again, the optional scenes with this quarter are never triggered in any of these files)
State: Top of Zozo tower, enter to find Terra and Ramuh. Dadaluma was moved to let you by and can still be fought by talking to him

Slot 1: Enter Jidoor and speak to the Impressario
Slot 2: Locke going to Celes' room after the opening act
Slot 3: Locke finds Ultros' letter
State: Opera house rafters, about to fight Ultros with plenty of time left. Note some rats were kept alive if you wanna do any World of Balance return glitches in later points

Slot 1: Outside Vector
Slot 2: Number 024's room in the Magitek Research Facility, it graciously moved aside so you can enter the lab without fighting it if you want
Slot 3: The mine cart dock with Cid
State: The Blackjack is about to return to Zozo to begin the Esper World sequence

Slot 1: Outside Narshe, enter to plan the trip to the Sealed Gate
Slot 2: Narshe snowfields having chased Lone Wolf here, go to the next screen to recruit Mog
Slot 3: Outside the Cave to the Sealed Gate
State: End of the Cave to the Sealed Gate

Slot 1: Outside the crashed Blackjack
Slot 2: Vector, about to enter the Imperial Palace
Slot 3: Vector, 10 seconds before the banquet begins. All 24 soldiers were spoken to.
State: On Gestahl's last line before the banquet ends, perfect performance for 

Slot 1: Outside Albrook, go see Leo
Slot 2: Albrook dock, talk to Leo to set sail for Thamasa
Slot 3: Thamasa, head inside Strago's house to talk 
State: Thamasa, go nap in the Inn to trigger the Burning House sequence

Slot 1: Outside the Burning House
Slot 2: End of the Burning House
Slot 3: Outside the Esper Caves
State: Before approaching the three Statues in the Esper caves

Slot 1: Outside the cave where the Espers are
Slot 2: General Leo in Thamasa
Slot 3: Outside Thamasa, Floating Continent is about to rise
State: Floating Continent has risen

Slot 1: The Imperial Air Force sequence, after the next fight Typhon will appear. Due to technical limitations this is as close to the end of the IAF I can get - the ships and explosions won't appear, but the battles will trigger and Typhon will fly in and drop off Ultros properly
Slot 2: Western tip of the Floating Continent
Slot 3: Summit of the Floating Continent before the Statues, Ultima Weapon has graciously moved out of the way. WARNING, if you progress without killing it you may glitch things up because then Shadow doesn't leave the party and I think Celes' data overwrites someone else's. I'm not sure, but just in case, the Save State with this one killed Ultima and progressed normally.
State: Eastern tip of the Floating Continent, head to the right to trigger the airship's appearance

Slot 1: Solitary Island, you just caught the last Tasty Fish needed for Cid, head inside and talk to him to save him
Slot 2: Solitary Island, Cid is dead, head inside to find his corpse. All future points in this file have him saved
Slot 3: Outside Tzen, head inside to begin the Collapsing House
State: Outside Tzen having recruited Sabin. All future points in future files have him recruited

Slot 1: Outside Mobliz (for future points I didn't actually go inside, so you don't have Fenrir)
Slot 2: Outside Nikeah, enter the pub to meet the thieves
Slot 3: South Figaro port, thieves have disembarked
State: Outside the Cave to South Figaro

Slot 1: Outside the Figaro engine room, head inside to fight the Tentacles
Slot 2: Outside Kohlingen, head into the pub to find Setzer
Slot 3: Outside Darill's Tomb
State: The last room of Darill's Tomb. Thanks to the Magic of Map Editing, the exit is right in front of you without having to fight Dullahan, walk one tile left to begin the flashbacks, or inspect the coffin to begin the fight. Leaving the room will reset the exit tile to its proper place, meaning you'll have to fight Dullahan

Slot 1: Cave on the Veldt, enter the next room to rescue [b]Relm[/b].
Slot 2: Cave on the Veldt, enter the next room to rescue [b]Shadow[/b]. The Striker was obtained from the chest earlier
NOTE: I'm sure you can appreciate that getting both of these on the same save state was a big pain in the ass, thus Slot 1 where you Save Relm was basically a WoR speedrun - Cid is dead and Sabin wasn't recruited. If you want a WoR save where these variables are in place, this is the latest save in this pack with them. All other WoR points, including Slot 3, continue where 009 in the 2nd pack left off, with Cid alive and Sabin in the party
Slot 3: At Dragon's Neck Coliseum, bet the Striker to recruit Shadow
State: End of Owzer's Mansion

Slot 1: Outside Maranda, talk to Lola to find out about her letters
Slot 2: Outside Zozo, buy the Rust-Rid and head up Mt. Zozo
Slot 3: Outside Cyan's cave on Mt. Zozo, Storm Dragon is still locked up
State: Outside Lola's house with Cyan in the party

Slot 1: Outside Mobliz, second visit
Slot 2: On the Veldt with a party of three people to find Gau
Slot 3: Outside the Fanatics' Tower with Relm in the party to get Strago
State: Top of the Fanatics' Tower, haven't entered the room yet

Slot 1: The start of the Phoenix Cave
Slot 2: The end of the Phoenix Cave, the last two switches haven't been toggled yet, Red Dragon is waiting for you. Celes is in one of the parties for her line when finding Locke
Slot 3: Gau's father's house with Gau and Sabin, talk to the old man to trigger the scene
State: Outside Narshe with Locke in the party (for future parts I [i]did[/i] pick up the Cursed Shield and fought a couple battles with it but didn't uncurse it)

Slot 1: Outside the Moogle Cave
Slot 2: Narshe snowfield, Ice Dragon is wandering around, Tritoch is on the bluff
Slot 3: End of Umaro's cave, flip the switch to drop into his lair
State: End of Zone Eater's Belly, enter the door to find Gogo

Slot 1: Opera House, flip the switch to fight the Earth Dragon
Slot 2: About to enter the Ancient Castle, Terra is in the party for the journal scene
Slot 3: Inside the Ancient Castle, inspect Odin to get his Magicite
State: The east wing of the castle, inspect the Queen to upgrade Odin, Blue Dragon is wandering around here

Slot 1: Outside Thamasa with Relm and Strago in the party
Slot 2: Ebot's Rock with enough Coral to appease the chest, next teleport should take you to it
Slot 3: Outside Doma Castle with Cyan in the party 
State: End of the first part of the Dreamscape, about to fight the Dream Stooges

Slot 1: End of the first part of the Dreamscape, the Dream Stooges are dead, head into the door to proceed to the Phantom Train
Slot 2: End of the Phantom Train, head inside the engine to proceed to the mines
Slot 3: End of the mines, go outside to see Cyan cross the bridge and drop into Doma
State: Doma Castle outside the throne room, head inside to face Wrexsoul. None of the optional scenes here were viewed

Slot 1: Above Kefka's Tower ready to enter the last dungeon. May want to do some level grinding first.
Slot 2: Parties 2 and 3 about to face Atma and Inferno/Striker/Rough
Slot 3: Parties 2 and 3 about to face Gold Dragon and Skull Dragon
State: The start of the switch room puzzle (Strago is in party 3 for purposes of bringing him to Doom to get Force Field, if that's relevant)

Slot 1: Switch room complete, head up to face the Guardian
Slot 2: Each party is in front of their respective Statue
Slot 3: The final room, walk up to step on the last switch
State: Closing moments of the final boss' death, enjoy the ending.