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Orderly Coliseum - DrakeyC - 09-17-2022

I had to do this anyway for my Expanded Item Names project, but I think the result was such an improvement that I made it a standalone patch for vanilla roms. This patch redraws the Coliseum match-up screen, repositioning the text in the top to distinctly refer to wagers and prizes and filling up the box more, shrinking the bottom box to not look so empty, and moving the match-up info in the window down so tall enemies don't clip into the top window anymore and everything just looks nicer.


[Image: 7151screenshot1.png][Image: 7151screenshot2.png][Image: 7151screenshot3.png][Image: 7151screenshot4.png]

RE: Orderly Coliseum - madsiur - 09-17-2022

Nice release! I figured this is a patch release post so i moved it in the good subforum.