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RE: Expanded Item Names - DrakeyC - 10-31-2022

A note, there was a bug where the Status menu wouldn't display properly when accessed from the line-up screen when forming your party. A fix has been submitted to RHDN.

RE: Expanded Item Names - DrakeyC - 12-21-2022

Someone reported a bug that I've no idea how to fix, so I'm really hoping someone here can offer insight on how to figure it out, or would be willing to do it themselves because I'm flat stumped.

Here's the situation - they were using the CV Bugfix Compilation along with Restored Ability Names and my patch. At the end of battle when the item drop should display, the window is blank and then the game crashes. I had previously recommended that if someone was using CVBC and RAN, to use my RAN compatibility patch, but using either my RAN or CVBC compatibility versions, the game still glitches - the RAN-version makes it glitch the battle drops, the CVBC-version makes it glitch the field item menu and in-battle attack commands. Since the RAN-version is easier to problem solve, that's the one I'd prefer to fix.

Why I can't fix it - EIN includes compatibility patches for CVBC and RAN, and testing them both, battle drops and the field menu work fine. Testing CVBC and RAN together without EIN, battle drops work fine, ofc. Nothing in the code bank around the item dropped coding (C2/5F6B) is changed in RAN or EIN. CVBC changes that area, but again, I have a CVBC compatibility version for EIN, and item drops work fine with it; it's when all three are combined together, CVBC, RAN, and EIN, that things break and I go OMG WTF T_T.

So yeah, that's my situation. Three patches that get along with each other if paired, but use all three together and they explode. Something is breaking and I have no idea what, where, or how.

RE: Expanded Item Names - Gi Nattak - 12-22-2022

I'm a bit confused here, I tried patching C.V. Bugfix Compilation along with Restored Ability Names, without your Expanded Item Names, and it crashes in battle when using an Item...but you say here you tested this and it did not crash? Or rather the that the issue only happens when all three patches are used? From what I can tell it seems to be a confliction with CVBC and RAN, which is no surprise considering it has 100+ bugfix patches. It's possible adding EIN on top of everything else further conflicts things.

Some insight on how to figure it out would be to use a debugger and trace the item usage code in battle (not exactly sure where this is offhand) and look for code that conflicts or doesn't check out. That or sift through the multitude of CVBC's bugfix patches looking for one that may effect the item using code in battle or anything related at all to this, remove it and see if it fixes it. Then at least you'd know the 'culprit', possibly culprits, and can work on getting it compatible from there. I doubt it could be solved from RAN's side without knowing what patch or patches from CVBC is causing the confliction.

Or perhaps the Patch Conflict Finder could be of help here.
*tries it*
There appears to be quite a few conflictions with CVBC and RAN... see attachment.

It might take some work to get them to play 100% along nicely, though a lot of the conflictions appear to just be name length related, which I'd bet EIN would conflict with also... or maybe the compatibility patches you made addresses that, not exactly sure what those do. I wonder which patch or patches from CVBC would be tied into name lengths? Or maybe it's bytes shifting from whatever a patch has done and the name length just happens to be part of it. Who knows! But the fact that it crashes upon using an item at the moment when the item window is supposed to happen certainly seems to indicate it's something with the item name length code, at least for the main issue at hand - the other conflictions in the patch conflict report are basically for: dialog, monster scripts, spell, item and Lore descriptions, so I'd assume it's one of those in C1, probably the first two hits that deal with 'Display attack name'.

*pokes around a bit more*

If I had to guess, I would say the root of the problem is at C15E58-C1603D, which CVBC has massively edited, and the trail end of it flows into something that RAN has done, and this section of code seems to deal with the display attack name stuff (window at top in battle). Now would need to find the patch in question that is doing this and see what it's all about, but that is easier said than done...

EDIT: It's Imzogelmo's Multi-Steal-Fix patch. Apparently with additional fixing by Leet Sketcher...so I'm not sure if the original anti-patch would work or not...


Okay... I can confirm that it's the Multi-Steal-Fix patch causing the confliction with RAN. I got it to not crash by doing this:
1) patch ROM with C.V. Reynolds Bugfix Comp
2) apply the anti-patch for multisteal fix
3) apply Restored Ability Names
4) apply Expanded Item Names (RAN compatible)

I'm not too sure what purpose the Expanded Names - C.V. Bugfix compatibility patch serves, like why/if it is also needed when the CVBC is used, but this resolved the crash I was having when testing at least, for when using an item or any names at the top window and things seem working. So one will either have to live without the Multi-Steal patch, or figure out how to incorporate it with RAN.

RE: Expanded Item Names - DrakeyC - 12-22-2022

It works, thanks very much! Laugh

RE: Expanded Item Names - SilentEnigma - 12-24-2022

Since RAN has a variant compatible with Multi-Steal-Fix, maybe there should be a second RAN/EIN compatibility patch for that scenario. Should be straightforward.

I'll take a peek once my "brief hiatus" (aka unreasonably long playthrough of a certain GOTY) is over.

Merry Christmas folksĀ Santa

RE: Expanded Item Names - DrakeyC - 12-24-2022

Maybe it would be easier to find a way to make the original Multi-Steal patch play nicer with RAN and EIN so we don't need compatibility versions anymore.

RE: Expanded Item Names - SilentEnigma - 02-18-2023

Okay, the time has come.

Closing the loop...
Multi-Steal-Fix Simplified Edition

RE: Expanded Item Names - DrakeyC - 02-18-2023