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Expanded Item Names - DrakeyC - 08-29-2022

This patch allows for item names up to 15 characters in all areas of the game.

Menu windows have been redrawn and reorganized to allow for longer item names, including the in-game equip menu now being vertical, stat names shortened, cursors and scrollbars being re-aligned, and changes to the game script where items are mentioned. Some QoL changes are also included, such as being able to see both Defense and Magic Defense when buying and selling armor pieces, and the Status screen showing equipment (to make up for the "show entire party's equipment" function being removed)

Includes compatibility patches for RestoredAbilityNames and the C.V.Reynolds bugfix compilation. Also includes options for custom names tweaked by the creator, and SNES names that are no longer truncated (ie, "Shld").

Thanks to the community for their help making this happen Laugh


[Image: eRHMeTf.png][Image: 4JiJ5eK.png][Image: 1bPMj3b.png]
[Image: 0IvVx4e.png][Image: njLVRIt.png][Image: tauC5Oa.png]

RE: Expanded Item Names - Seifer - 08-29-2022

This is awesome, don’t know how much help I’ll be to u but I saw a hack where someone fit 2 letters/ numbers in 1 letters/numbers space maybe u could do this for ur menus that u can’t fit the text. Can’t remember what the hack was though.

RE: Expanded Item Names - Catone - 08-30-2022

Someone done that in the ... Max damage patch, but it was due to the game not being able to display that many numbers at once on multiple enemies, could have swore it used a special character or some such though.

Doubt you'd ever cram a names side by side like that for the equip, would have to stack them. Keeping one left justified and one right justified, by which hand equipped, would probably just look goofy.

I wonder if there would be anything useful in the scrolling Gogo menu patch that could prove useful? Display one line at a time for equip, but scroll up again for the other hand item?

RE: Expanded Item Names - SilentEnigma - 08-30-2022

*slips small sheet of paper across dimly lit table*

RE: Expanded Item Names - DrakeyC - 08-30-2022

Well, I forgot to mention in the thread, Everyone on the Discord and I got the cursor working, gonna try to resposition the names tomorrow. But thanks very much for the data, I'll take a look. Smile

EDIT - I didn't know ROSE uses a vertical equip menu! Laugh Do you have a disassembly for your code changes, though? I'd like to still re-arrange things (particularly to have L-hand and R-hand on the right side of the menu) and it'd be easier to know how to adjust things with notations.

EDIT x2 - I worked from a rom before my cursor changes and applied your changes as you listed them, and the L-hand item shows up distorted. Also, if I try to increase the 1C at F2/E6D5 to anything higher, it crashes when I open the equip menu.
[Image: VtZOHQI.png]

RE: Expanded Item Names - SilentEnigma - 08-31-2022

Re:garbled L-Hand item
Oops! I missed a spot. You'll need to edit this, too:
ROSE 1.11 (14-length items):
F2/E68D: A2 00 0E    LDX #$0E00     ; item length * 0x100, extra slot after "Empty", must be blank
F2/E690: 80 0A       BRA $E69C
F2/E692: A9 0E       LDA #$0E       ; Item name length (modified)

Make sure you are using an even number (item length * 2), otherwise it will crash.
I think you want...
F2/E6D5: C0 20 00    CPY #$0020

I am guessing you want the item name on the left side in part to match the cursor position with the item & parallel with the rest of the item list. Have you considered moving just the cursor to the right and leaving the hand labels on the left side? No real preference here but wanted to mention the idea. (Also compare the status quo with the field Equip menu.) FYI cursor X positions are now given by C1/8E2C and C1/8F68.

Re:full disassembly
I will look into cleaning up what I have & publishing since you want to mod it further.
Maybe with a standalone patch.

RE: Expanded Item Names - DrakeyC - 08-31-2022

Yup, that fixed it! Laugh

And yes, I thought it would be best to have the items all lined up in the menu in-battle. That said, I am not strongly attached to the idea, so if putting the items on the left side and R-hand/L-hand on the right side would be a pain in the keister, I'm fine leaving it like this.

Thanks very, very much for this. For future disassembly, I'm planning to redraw the field menus and other relevant screens myself, but if you want to do that for me or others, I'm sure it would be helpful.

RE: Expanded Item Names - DrakeyC - 09-02-2022

Still a few kinks to work out, but progress has been strong the last couple of days in getting the field menus working! Stats were shortened in the menu to make room for the new item names.

EDIT - Kinks worked out, OP updated with video of progress thus far.

[Image: 6tmFKgV.png][Image: cQWvXdV.png][Image: m9j9OkH.png][Image: 8YaJ3b1.png]

RE: Expanded Item Names - DrakeyC - 09-05-2022

Status update! Due to the longer item names, the full "party gear" screen does not display properly, stuff is cut off. So that function is disabled. To make up for it, the status screen now shows the character's equipment. The Status screen has thus been rearranged like so:
[Image: uct2z9E.png]

RE: Expanded Item Names - DrakeyC - 09-10-2022

The work continues into the shop menu, which have been redrawn to accomodate the longer item names! I decided to add Magic Defense to the interface too, since it's also important. I'm also considering moving Gil up to the second row to make room to put Evade and M.Block on the right-hand side, too. Depends if it looks too crowded or not. Also kinda feels like Weapons could have additional data shown too, but not sure what - elemental properties are an option but they are for armor too, and the four base stats (Vigor, Stamina, Speed, Magic) aren't confined to Weapons.

Also note that the "Gil" terminology has been restored. This is mostly because I intend for this hack to be compatible with Expanded Ability Names, since ofc the concepts are complimentary, but a version will be made available that uses GP too.

[Image: tmyq9wE.png][Image: 6jEkYLv.png][Image: uPotbpl.png]