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Edit Berserk - doofenH - 05-09-2022

I would like to know how to edit berserk status to no longer randomly pick Attack, Mug, Jump, Rage, & MagiTek. If the character is under berserk status, they will always use normal attack, or always Jump under Dragoon Boots if possible. The exception will be Umaro who use an unique commands, and maybe Magitek commands but I'm not sure. Although I don't think I can just change all those random commands to Attack &/or Jump.

RE: Edit Berserk - Everything - 05-09-2022

There is a subroutine starting at C2/0420 that automatically chooses commands for characters. For berserk specifically, it uses a table at C2/04D4 to determine which commands are allowed.

; bitmask of berserk/zombie commands:
;  fight, capture, rage, jump, magitek
C2/04D4:              .DB $41, $00, $41, $20

There are 32 bits, one for each command. You can allow other commands to be used while berserk by modifying this table. There is a list of commands on the wiki: https://www.ff6hacking.com/wiki/doku.php?id=ff3:ff3us:doc:asm:list:battlecommands. For example, to allow the steal command you would set bit 5, so the first byte becomes $61 instead of $41.

If you want to make more detailed changes, you will need to make an asm hack to modify this subroutine.