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Replacing Runic with Shock - Jeff - 06-08-2021

Before I set up my new computer in August and reeeeally get into hacking, I wanted to start with something simple. When visiting Leo's Tomb in WoR with Celes, I'd like her to be able to obtain his sword and replace her Runic ability with Shock. Is this able to be done through a weapon, or would I need to modify a relic? ...or is this possible at all? (The question I ask the most on this site!).

RE: Replacing Runic with Shock - PowerPanda - 06-08-2021

Yes, this is possible. GrayShadows coded some ASM to change out a character's command permanently. It is used in Divergent Paths in 2 different places. 1 place gives Gau a permanent Fight command, and the other is an NPC that lets you permanently upgrade to Mug/Control/GP Toss, or revert back to the original. Check this thread:
Note that because of the short window that allows you to re-order commands, his third variant is the only real option.

Giving Leo's sword to Celes is very easily done within the event code, and can be done without adding any asm to the game.

Just to give you ideas though, I do this same thing in Divergent Paths, but the sword is the Illumina, and I only give it to the player if they uncurse the Cursed Shield and visit the grave with the Palandin Shield equipped. I do this using Madsiur's Equipment Check ASM.

RE: Replacing Runic with Shock - Joshua H. - 06-09-2021

There's also this patch that adds a relic to the mix: https://www.ff6hacking.com/forums/thread-2015.html

Both are valid outlets.  People around here are pretty good at sharing source code with the community.

RE: Replacing Runic with Shock - PowerPanda - 06-09-2021

As a note, the compatibility issues that post talks about are all in the item description. If you make the 2-byte change to the C2 bank that he lists via a hex editor, you'll have no issues.