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NPC Event Bit List - Fast Moon - 11-16-2020

I went and generated a reference file for the NPC event bits ($300 - $6FF), since they weren't covered in the event bit list in the wiki and I hadn't found any other reference for them.

Basically I just wanted it organized by bit so that I could see which ones weren't being used and what groups of NPCs were being affected by the ones that were being used.  I considered a bit "unused" if it was assigned to zero NPCs and never showed up in the event dump.

Figured I'd share in case anyone else could use this as a reference.

RE: NPC Event Bit List - C-Dude - 11-19-2020

Fast Moon, you are a hero!

Thank you for this comprehensive documentation.

RE: NPC Event Bit List - Gestahl - 11-28-2020

Wow, nice work Fast Moon! This will make planning and editing events a whole lot easier, thanks a ton!