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RE: Antinomia: FF6 - Fast Moon - 04-01-2023

Phew, you guys were right about the Gau event being janky.  I finally got it working, but I don't want to touch it beyond giving Leo his one line and leaving it at that.  I don't understand why it differentiates between who's in your party vs. who's been collected to determine who gets to talk in that scene, except I guess to avoid having to change your party.  But is there any good reason why it chose to represent the rest of the collected party members as NPCs instead of just creating actors $00-$09 on the screen at their appropriate positions?  Then it could just call them by $00-$09 whether they were in the party or not, then at the end of the event, clean it up with a switch statement to delete all the actors who aren't in the party.

But, this wasn't important enough to try to re-code the whole thing.  This is good enough for my purposes.

[Image: cBELzOA.png]

After this, I'm gonna go around cleaning up some miscellaneous WoR stuff and finish re-translating the rest of the script, then it's on to the ending!

RE: Antinomia: FF6 - Fast Moon - 04-11-2023

So in my WoR cleanup, I realized there was still an instance of Siegfried in the Colosseum, whom I have otherwise removed from the game due to his pointlessness and wanting to put a different sprite in his slot.  But since he's in a room to himself, it would weird to just have this empty room without someone in it, so to kill two birds with one stone...

[Image: wKGiey2.png]
That's where Banon is now. He's disillusioned at finally taking down the Empire only to be left with something far worse, and questions the point of it all.  The Coliseum is the only place left in the world where people can still fight and have it mean anything.

[Image: VPi74EC.png]
The party eventually convinces him to tag along, but only as an observer.

[Image: jPDJ0w1.png]
So now he's your airship's Free Heals Dude, since the one who was on the Blackjack never came back.

Since this was just a quick event to tie up a loose end and fill a hole, I didn't code out any unique dialogue depending who was in your party, so Banon reacts to the general of the opposition army or a yeti all the same.

RE: Antinomia: FF6 - Fast Moon - 04-15-2023

Finished checking all the sidequests I didn't change aside from translation touch-ups, and final boss is defeated (unfortunately Leo died on tier 2 and I wasn't able to revive him before Setzer Fixed Diced it to pieces, so he was not able to have a rematch with his arch nemesis in this playthrough).  So, all that's left is to add Leo to the ending...s.  Like Relm, he'll have three of them depending on whether you found him, and then whether you recruited him.  Now I just have to think of scenes that are in-character for him but are tonally appropriate for Mog's theme, since that's where he ends up in the ending roster.

[Image: woYzDBL.png]

Or I could just leave it as-is, lol.

[Image: 1r5mmaP.png]

After this, there's a conversation between Leo and Celes that I want to rewrite for the third time to be more in line with Leo's "focus" that I hadn't quite established at the time I originally wrote it, and then... Alpha test to make sure that nothing at the beginning of the game got borked by stuff I changed later.

Which means the 1.0 release should hopefully be ready in a couple of weeks!  Finally!

RE: Antinomia: FF6 - C-Dude - 04-15-2023

I know that the moogles that are drawn on the table are handled in the C3 bank, so you might be able to remove them. You might also be able rework the ending song using some of Emberling's tools, to change that section to something that fits Leo.

...Although, Leo worrying that he's losing his hair is a funny notion, especially with that one comic you posted on Discord where he explains that he and Edgar are basically the same age.

RE: Antinomia: FF6 - Fast Moon - 04-15-2023

(04-15-2023, 07:32 PM)C-Dude Wrote: I know that the moogles that are drawn on the table are handled in the C3 bank, so you might be able to remove them.  You might also be able rework the ending song using some of Emberling's tools, to change that section to something that fits Leo.

...Although, Leo worrying that he's losing his hair is a funny notion, especially with that one comic you posted on Discord where he explains that he and Edgar are basically the same age.

No, it's fine, I've already got it worked out to associate the moogle theme and the music box with him earlier in the story.  During his recruitment event, he apologizes to Terra's children for needing to take her away again by leaving them the moogle music box as something to comfort them in her absence.

[Image: 7cncWRP.png]

The main hurdle is that the moogle theme is fairly "silly", so his ending scene would need to be something suitably light-hearted to match with it, and fit into the 32 seconds that the original scene covered so as not to throw off the timing of the other endings.  I've got a couple of ideas floating around, but I'll have to see how they time up with the music.

Me: "Well, while I'm working through how to handle Leo's endings, I can at least get the 'didn't find' ending with the portrait out of the way since I just need to swap out the map."

FF6: "Oh, you thought it was going to be THAT easy?  Hahaha, no, your target map also needs a grid of four sprites that are placed relative to the coordinates where you load the map and then you need to animate them in a loop to scroll along with the map, otherwise the portrait won't appear."

RE: Antinomia: FF6 - Fast Moon - 04-22-2023


[Image: X0IR6KM.png]

Ending sequence is done in all of its iterations.  Leo is like Relm in that he has three possible endings: the default portrait ending if he was never found, and then two cinematic ones depending on whether you did find him but left him behind or recruited him.  And based on those two endings, he's also either on the airship or in Mobliz during the rest of the ending sequences so I had to account for both.

Now I just have a couple of places where I want to touch up the script, which shouldn't take more than a day or two, then it's an alpha test to make sure nothing broke stuff earlier in the game, and that I cleared all of my test bits.  At that point it should be ready for a 1.0 release.  I'm gonna put a tentative date of May 6th on that to give myself time to re-run everything and patch any bugs.

But it's nearly time.  After three years of working on this, the release date is in sight.  Thank you for all of your help, everyone, it's been a wild ride!  But I'm pleased with the result and I hope you will be, too!

RE: Antinomia: FF6 - LockeColeFF - 04-28-2023

Super Stoked for this mod Smile

Nice work!

RE: Antinomia: FF6 - Fast Moon - 04-29-2023

(04-28-2023, 01:32 PM)LockeColeFF Wrote: Super Stoked for this mod Smile

Nice work!

Thanks! Test run is currently in WoR and just finished the Leo recruitment event.  Have found a couple of bugs that I've fixed, so hopefully that means it'll be a smooth ride for the 1.0 release.  The issue is that there are a number of mutually-exclusive branches that have a long lag between cause and effect (such as whether you leave Leo behind or not), so I haven't had the ability to fully stress each branch.  But I'm assuming most people playing this hack are going to want to bring Leo along, so that's the route I'm focusing on testing, haha.

And now that I'm playing it straight through instead of in tiny chunks over the course of three years like I had when I was writing it, I ended up deciding to make Dance have a 100% success rate regardless of what field you were in.  Because Mog is now a guest character you have to talk to with a free slot in your party (kinda like Shadow during the Zozo trip), the Sealed Gate is the only story dungeon you can bring him to and have him fight, so he might as well not suck.  You can bring him to WoR story dungeons, but he's permanently equipped with the Moogle Charm in WoR, so his Dance effectiveness is kind of moot, unless you fight a boss.

Also, because Mog can't learn dances in WoR even in boss battles due to being a different instance of his actor data, I'm planning on adding a means to trigger enemy encounters in the Narshe snowfields in WoB for the completionists who still want to get all his dances.

But for now, I still look to be on track for a May 6th release!

RE: Antinomia: FF6 - Fast Moon - 05-03-2023

And there.  I finished the Alpha playthrough and fixed and tweaked a few things I found along the way.  One of them being adding a couple of wolfies that spawn on the Narshe snowfields after completing the Mog event in WoB.  They just prompt Lobo encounters because their sole purpose is to give you a means of learning Snowman Jazz due to Mog's WoR instance not being able to learn dances.

[Image: TkLcNKv.png]

I didn't have time to exercise all the branches fully, just the ones that I figure most people are going to follow.  So I'll just have to cross my fingers that the branches where you don't get Leo still work as intended.  Now I've just got a few more spot-checks to do and get all the documentation in order, and I should be good to release Saturday morning.  And depending on how my weekend schedule looks, I may try to do a Twitch stream with commentary Saturday afternoon as well.

RE: Antinomia: FF6 - Fast Moon - 05-06-2023

It's time!  It's ready!  Antinomia: Final Fantasy VI is now available for its v1.0 release!  It's still sitting in the submission queue over at RomHacking.net, but in the meantime, you can download the patch and documentation bundle from this mirror:

Antinomia: Final Fantasy VI (1.0)

I am also planning on doing a stream of it later today (5/6/23) at 5:00pm EDT (9:00pm UTC) over on Twitch.  Note that I am not really a streamer and therefore don't have an optimized setup for such, so I apologize for the crappy mic and lack of any interesting visual formatting.