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RE: Antinomia: FF6 - Fast Moon - 05-08-2023

It's 1:30 in the morning and I'm pushing out a hotfix for a major bug I was alerted to and I knew I wasn't going to be able to sleep until I fixed it.  I had been all nice and given you Shadow as a permanent party member in WoB, but if you took him to the Floating Continent (which I know a lot of people are going to do, thus the urgency), I had neglected to fully clear the conditions that checked for him in your party, causing you to be unable to proceed at all if he was there.

Version 1.1 Release with Shadow bugfix.  Should show up on RomHacking.net soon.  If you have save files or save states with the original 1.0 version it should be fine to use those with this version.

RE: Antinomia: FF6 - CrumpledMedal - 05-09-2023

At last I can finally use my favorite NPC character of the game, Leo.

RE: Antinomia: FF6 - Fast Moon - 05-09-2023

(05-09-2023, 07:56 PM)CrumpledMedal Wrote: At last I can finally use my favorite NPC character of the game, Leo.

Haha, it's not quite a "finally" since I'm hardly the first person to do it, but I hope you enjoy my take on it!

RE: Antinomia: FF6 - CrumpledMedal - 05-09-2023

(05-09-2023, 09:53 PM)Fast Moon Wrote:
(05-09-2023, 07:56 PM)CrumpledMedal Wrote: At last I can finally use my favorite NPC character of the game, Leo.

Haha, it's not quite a "finally" since I'm hardly the first person to do it, but I hope you enjoy my take on it!

Well, I like your take on it better than most because you give Leo a voice and storyline elements and his reasons for joining up in the fight. He always a compelling character for me in my younger days. I'm excited to play this for the first time.

RE: Antinomia: FF6 - Fast Moon - 05-13-2023

I've just put out a Version 1.2 release with some minor bugfixes and changes based on feedback.

Updates in this release:

- Minor text fixes
- Having Terra as the party lead going into the final phase of the Leo recruitment event was causing Leo's sprite to spawn on top of the party when entering town maps.  Fixed Leo's sprite to be correctly hidden

Feature changes
- Gau now knows the Stray Cat Rage by default when recruiting him to remove the need to grind for it at the beginning
- Updated the descriptive text on the rats to make it more apparent which ones are good and which are bad
- Rat event RNG updated to ensure that at least one rat will always spawn

RE: Antinomia: FF6 - Fast Moon - 05-22-2023

I have a YouTube playlist up now of me playing through the entire hack with development and translation commentary, for those curious about what's in the hack in general and what thought process went into the gameplay and translation changes.

I'm planning on putting out another update in maybe a month or two with some QoL improvements based on user feedback.  Though if I'm informed of some game-breaking bug before then, that'll get patched ASAP.  Current suggestions I've had that I plan on implementing in a later update:

- Dash by default.
- With Sprint Shoes rendered obsolete by the above, repurposing the Sprint Shoes relic slot into a relic with some other effect.  I was thinking of turning it into a "Magic Egg", a relic that doubles spell learn rate, since the vanilla game only has the Exp. Egg for double XP.
- Faster Bushido gauge ("Sword Tech Ready Stance" patch)
- I'm looking at the "Learnable Rage" patch, but if I implement that, I want to expand on it.  As written, it doesn't look like it can differentiate between monsters that can teach Rages (monsters $0000-$00FF) and monsters that can't, as it only looks at the bottom byte, due to it only expecting Gau to be learning Rages from Veldt monsters.  So, for example, if you put Gau up against Atma Weapon (monster $0117), I would expect him to learn Leafer ($0017) from it.  I'd also like to make it pop up a notification if Gau has learned a new Rage from a monster he encounters.  I see that battle messages currently use variable types $00 for "Character Name" (ex. "Terra learned Fire"), $01 for "Item Name" (ex. "Stole Potion x 1"), and $02 for "Ability/Spell Name" (ex. "Learned Step Mine").  The jump table has an entry $03 for "Skill Name" (eg. "Tools", "Blitz", etc), but there aren't any messages that use it, so I may be able to repurpose it for "Monster Name" instead.

RE: Antinomia: FF6 - Fast Moon - 05-27-2023

I've submitted a Version 1.3 release for Antinomia with some minor bugfixes, QoL improvements, and a new fun easter egg.

- Minor text overflow fixes in battle dialogue leading to white bars next to the textbox.
- Shadow no longer gets un-equipped after the scene at the summit of the Floating Continent (no idea why the event to make him leave the party and the event to un-equip him were handled separately)

Feature changes
- Shadow now has Interceptor if you take him to the Floating Continent. In the base game, Interceptor was left behind in Thamasa during the Floating Continent and therefore all of Shadow's Interceptor-based effects were disabled, but that doesn't need to be the case here anymore.
- Mog will now join the party immediately during his event with Lone Wolf if you have an open party slot instead of needing to follow him back to the caves.
- Bushido gauge speed increased.
- Albrook Pub's record player's song changed from "Dancing Calcobrena" from FF4 to "I'm a Dancer!" from FF5.  FF5's accompanying dance sequence also now comes along with it.  Thanks to Gi Nattak for converting the "I'm a Dancer" music for use in FF6!

RE: Antinomia: FF6 - PowerPanda - 05-30-2023

I'm catching up on Tom's streams, and after Thamasa, I saw why you didn't put the sword in the grave. It makes sense, but it looks a little empty. I wonder if you could put in a statue of an Esper there? You could use their standard NPC sprite, but set their palette to the "stone" version.

Also, in case you didn't see it, I uploaded the patch "Doubletake" to RHDN. This is a small, bare-bones patch that allows Locke to steal both the common item and the rare item from the same enemy. It changes nothing else about the steal mechanic; it just handles the depletion of the common/rare items separately from each other. Then it makes a small update (debatably a bugfix) to the "add item to inventory" routine that prevents the 2nd item from being ignored if obtained on the same turn (ie - Genji Glove is equipped, and Locke successfully mugs both items on the same turn). This would be my recommendation for an improvement to add.

The 2nd idea deals with Lagomorph. I know CasualTom already suggested buffing Lagomorph to you. You can make it equivalent to Basuna, a spell that removes all statuses that would have reset at the end of battle, like Confusion or Sleep. In Divergent Paths, I had Lagomorph restore a small amount of MP.

RE: Antinomia: FF6 - Fast Moon - 05-30-2023

Some of those could work.  I don't mind the Esper memorial just being a simple mound, especially since I doubt they had the opportunity to spend a significant amount of time on it.  As for the steal command, that could be something I could incorporate.  I want to incorporate most of the "game engine" modifications into a sort of unified update rather than adding them piecewise.  Another thing I want to try to do is change the level up algorithm so that there's some differentiation between the characters in their HP/MP gains rather than all just reading from the same table.

But for now, I need to draw a bunch of Leo comics because he's getting his BT in Dissidia Opera Omnia on June 12th and I need to be ready with comic spam.  Tongue

RE: Antinomia: FF6 - Fast Moon - 06-03-2023

I've submitted a Version 1.4 release for Antinomia.

A player alerted me to a bug involving going to Kefka's tower without recruiting Leo.  I'd added an animation for Leo on the airship there and hadn't properly placed every step of it behind a conditional.  I never did a full no-Leo test playthrough and instead just set flags to test certain scenes individually without him, so I'm not surprised there were some bugs on that branch.  Because who is playing this and not getting Leo?  Tongue

I also added a routine to the generic "Show party members 1-4" subroutine to also set party members 1-4's animation speeds to "normal", as there were quite a few scenes where I exploded out the party but didn't individually set everyone's movement speeds, so their speed setting was just carried over from whatever it last was, causing some characters to sprint out of the party leader while others took their time.  Instead of trying to fix them all individually, I've just set a general speed normalizer on the party explode routine.  Since this gets called every time the party is exploded, I couldn't test it extensively, but I hope this didn't break anything.  Generally if a character's animation speed needs to be anything other than "normal", it gets set again after the party is exploded, anyway.

Also cleaned up a couple of lines that were awkwardly-worded.  For this, I appreciate people who stream their playthrough and read the dialogue out loud, because if I see someone stumble over a line, it lets me know I might need to clean up the wording to make it read better.  I am notorious for being overly verbose in my writing.