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Default NPC Sprite Sheets - Catone - 02-11-2020

Some default NPC Sheets I expanded/stretched to fit a full sheet. I must add the disclaimer: I am NOT a sprite artist (another few years of practice and I MIGHT qualify as a "bad" sprite editor).

With that out of the way, basically all I could accomplish is taking the NPC sheet, putting it into a Full PC sheet format, and occasionally adding a few random pixels. If someone knows if any of these have already been done properly by someone with actual talent, that I somehow missed, please let me know. All these really accomplish is they won't leave a complete glitched randomness if they end up in the wrong place or pose after being added. In other words (and I have no idea why you would) they won't make a good "replacement" for one of the normal PC's.

If anybody wants to fill in the missing poses, please do.
[Image: W92h1Py.png][Image: 7zaHbPQ.png][Image: DlYY7u3.png]
The Boat Dock Worker Number:54, Old Man Number:23, and "Man" Number:24
[Image: 0lJxI4I.png][Image: jAiNoIo.png][Image: aOMwNWZ.png]
The Esper Elder Number:44, Esper Man Number:45, and The Wolf/Monster Number:51

And this should go without saying, I didn't create them, I just ... reformatted them really.