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Celes DFFOO sprite sheet - Astaroth_ - 10-13-2019

Thank you to Timbo who worked on my old Celes amano sprite! You made me want to work again on my old sprites sheets. 

[Image: wim1ztrqgy8hbkq4g.jpg]
[Image: 92fbkdbgc6h6l8a4g.jpg]
[Image: nu3l9l2h6c35uij4g.jpg]

Edit: 1. Changed the field KO sprite
2. Added chained up sprite

RE: Celes DFFOO sprite sheet - Gi Nattak - 10-13-2019

Good to see you back around here Astaroth, with the gift of sprites at that!

RE: Celes DFFOO sprite sheet - SSJ Rick - 10-13-2019

yoooo Astaroth it's been a long time man, good to see you come around

RE: Celes DFFOO sprite sheet - Astaroth_ - 10-13-2019

Hey! Thank you guys Smile It's good to be back

RE: Celes DFFOO sprite sheet - madsiur - 10-13-2019

Welcome back! Nice sprite!!

RE: Celes DFFOO sprite sheet - HoxNorf - 10-13-2019

I always wondered how the old sprite artists are doing.
As for the sprite sheet, I like it, and it's a nice transition.
I don't mean to be harsh, because I know how tough the field KO sprites can be, especially since I don't consider myself good at those sprites, and trying to envision what's under Celes's cape is good on its own.
Unfortunately, the legs on the field KO sprite are kind of weird for me, especially when compared to the vanilla Celes sprites, but I guess sometimes, change is necessary.
This is a minor nitpick for me, but with FF3usME exporting images at 8bpp, changing the the images to 4bpp by decreasing the color depth can rearrange the palette order on its own, meaning it could be messed up when other sprites, particularly vanilla sprites, share that particular palette and vice versa. But seeing as more than 12 colors are being used, I guess I can't be too hard on this.
Overall, great job to you and Timbo. It's great to see old spriters shine once more.

RE: Celes DFFOO sprite sheet - Astaroth_ - 10-13-2019

Thank you HoxNorf, Im a big fan of your sprites.
KO field sprite are so hard to do! I will try to make it better.
I know that there is more work to do so any suggestions will be appreciated Smile

RE: Celes DFFOO sprite sheet - JWhiteLXXXIX - 10-21-2019

hey buddy welcome back. look forward to more sprites

RE: Celes DFFOO sprite sheet - FEOK - 10-21-2019

I’ve always had trouble envisioning what the Amano version would like like in sprite form. This is perfect, I love it.

RE: Celes DFFOO sprite sheet - CrumpledMedal - 10-21-2019

In this sprite, Celes looks like the Bride from Kill Bill that's what always comes to mind to me.