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Malboro PC - JWhiteLXXXIX - 09-09-2019

[Image: zpY7iEp.png]
[Image: UAPOPWt.png]

smokings bad for your health yal.
Default pal 3

RE: Malboro PC - C-Dude - 09-10-2019

That's both adorable and horrifying. I'm trying to imagine why a malboro would ever be playable, though it occurs to me the bad breather might be a suitable reimagination of X-Death should anyone wish to bring that evil twig to life in some sort of villain roster.

Or maybe somebody hides inside of one to sneak past some unsuspecting monsters, like Locke stealing a merchant's outfit.

RE: Malboro PC - JWhiteLXXXIX - 09-11-2019

im planning on making an enemy hack. thanks Smile

RE: Malboro PC - Catone - 09-11-2019

Could work as an "imp" replacement type status. Only able to equip reimagined imp armor, or none, while the imp list is repurposed.

Toss in a forced "bad breath" ability on the character with the ailment.

Could be fun.