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south figaro shortcut - CzarMalboro - 07-12-2019

Is the shortcut to south Figaro a design choice or an oversight? I noticed that the GBA port has it, but does it still exist in the iOS version?

RE: south figaro shortcut - madsiur - 07-12-2019

I always thought it was a bad map design or a bug because it makes you complete Locke scenario without dressing as a soldier if you want. Pandora's Box had it "fixed" with a famous NPC, but an invisible tile you can't walk on would do the job:

[Image: rYeAAGG.png]

RE: south figaro shortcut - CzarMalboro - 07-13-2019

does it still exist in the iOS remaster?

RE: south figaro shortcut - madsiur - 07-13-2019

(07-13-2019, 12:03 AM)CzarMalboro Wrote: does it still exist in the iOS remaster?

Yes it does still exist.

RE: south figaro shortcut - Gi Nattak - 07-13-2019

I can almost guarantee they did that for easy testing, because Locke's scenario is quite tedious, and then forgot to put it back as a solid no-pass tile lol.

RE: south figaro shortcut - Warrax - 07-14-2019

I believe it's an oversight, the hidden bridge seems intended to be there because it fits with the town having many secret passages. Also the hidden bridge just make sense considering how the exterior of the town is made. I think it deserves to be fixed with solid tiles or with an NPC blocking the way like in Pandora's Box.

RE: south figaro shortcut - PowerPanda - 07-14-2019

I always thought it was a layering mistake, because the roof tiles can be walked behind. It never made sense to me that you could walk over the river simply because you couldn't see it.

RE: south figaro shortcut - Turbotastic - 07-17-2019

I'm going to be the contrarian and say that since this feature has been part of every iteration of the game, it is a completely intentional design choice.

The sequence can't be completed without dressing as a merchant, so it doesn't completely break the sequence, just makes it easier. This shortcut was a reward for players being thorough, and it isn't exactly hard to discover - I had always assumed there was an unseen walkway there to get from one side of town to the other. As Warrax wrote, this passage fits in with the idea of hidden paths in South Figaro in general.

RE: south figaro shortcut - C-Dude - 07-18-2019

I agree with Turbotastic. I always figured there was a footbridge or a shallow beneath the pub's overpass... or perhaps even a log. If it had been a bug, there was certainly opportunity to address it before the PS1, GBA, or mobile re-releases.

As hidden passages go, if it's intended at least it isn't horribly over-hidden. I didn't even know about basement 2 of the rich man's house in Figaro (with the two prison cells) until I stumbled on it while fast-forwarding through a test play.

RE: south figaro shortcut - Odbarc - 07-18-2019

You don't really skip much though with it, do you? You still get Celes and go through the basement to escape.
Realistically, leaving without her (using that menu to walk through the NPC, I saw in a TAS) would be a problem.

A spot you can avoid busy work seems more like a feature. Nothing breaks, nothing significant is lost or gained.

I'd say it's more of a undocumented feature. Sort of like when Terra first enters the castle and Locke brings you to your room, if you go out the left side and walk around the castle and enter from the right side, you can stand in front of Locke where you normally couldn't be able to. Doing this changes nothing but it's something you can do just for your own sake.