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Dissidia Sedecim - A recreation of FF6's combat engine - Lefe - 03-29-2019

Download link 1 - Google Drive
Download link 2 - Dropbox
Dissidia Sedecim is not a rom hack but I think you guys might be interested in it. I hope it's okay posting it here.

This is a recreation of FF6's combat engine on GameMaker. I tried to be as accurate as possible to FF6 and would like to know what you guys, who know so much about this game, think of it.

The characters I've programmed in this so far:
Terra, she's almost feature complete. There are a few spells left to add to her.
FF1 White Mage, also close to completion. I've programmed most spells. I still need to create potions for the Drink command and a few more spells.
Cloud.The materia system is functional, though I need to program more spells. Also requires more limit breaks.
Noctis, he was very complex to create. There are so many features to FFXV. I think I've covered most things, some techniques, animations and royal arms are left.

However, for this demo, all the characters feel complete based on the gear they got. I guess Terra should have a few more spells.

The goal is to add more main characters, more bosses, menus so players can customize the characters and eventually dungeons.

Right now, on the road map:
Terra -
Valor (from GBA version), Meltdown, Flare, Vanish, Berserk
Cloud -
Fenrir summon, Wall (casts protect and shell at once)
Noctis -
Special animation for dagger and spear blitz
White Mage -
Create potions for Drink menu
Items -
Remedy, X-Potion, Maiden's Kiss, Golden Needle, Elixir, Pure (for White Mage), Hero Drink (for White Mage)
Status Effects -
Frog, Confuse, Berserk, Paralyze, Petrify, Vanish
Boss -
Safer Sephiroth and all his attacks

Some more polish, bug fixes and a proper intro menu.

Then I'll be releasing a version where you can fight both Kefka and Safer Sephiroth.

After that I'll move on to adding menus and more characters and bosses. Once menus are working and new content added, I'll start working on dungeons. Hopefully I get a Cease and Desist order before that and spare me all that work.

RE: Dissidia Sedecim - A recreation of FF6's combat engine - Tenkarider - 03-29-2019

Neato, but the "won't die" feature of Noctis is too much broken, how would you balance it?

RE: Dissidia Sedecim - A recreation of FF6's combat engine - Lefe - 03-29-2019

Noctis doesn't equip any armor, he instead brings four different weapons into the battle. That means he's stuck with his base defense values, which makes him very frail in FFVI's combat algorithms. So he is easily revived by healing spells but easily killed. When he "dies" (instead of KO he enters Danger status) his max HP starts draining out, so the more times he dies the easier to kill he becomes. Next time he's revived, his max HP will be lower than before. If his max HP reaches zero, and it can easily reach zero if an enemy attacks him while he's in Danger status, he can't be revived anymore. His current and max HP will be zero.

I figure if I add field and whatnot, then he'd be brought back from zero max HP by an inn or tent. Otherwise he's dead weight.

RE: Dissidia Sedecim - A recreation of FF6's combat engine - madsiur - 03-29-2019

It's pretty cool to see a demo of this project released!

RE: Dissidia Sedecim - A recreation of FF6's combat engine - Lefe - 04-14-2019

An update. Safer Sephiroth is under way, with over half of his actions already programmed. Doesn't mean he is more than half way done, what's left are basically actions with animations for which I have no reference to use from 2D games, so I'll have to improvise based on how they looked in 3D (Deen and Pale Horse). Usually that takes longer. And then there's Super Nova, which will probably take more time to program than the other two.

Anyway here's a video I've made to show off Noctis' skills:

RE: Dissidia Sedecim - A recreation of FF6's combat engine - Lefe - 06-08-2019

New demo and update!

Download link:

I've finished Safer Sephiroth and added some more actions to the characters. The next step is squashing more bugs and adding a Kefka Safer Sephiroth double encounter.

But right now what I really need is for people to play it and find bugs. Screenshot what you find, copy the error report, send me it all with a brief description of what was going on. That'd be the A+ bug report. But if you don't feel like doing all of that (shouldn't take long) just send me a quick description of what was going on. 

Anyway, I've worked on balancing Safer Sephiroth as close as I could to make him compatible with FF6's combat engine. I couldn't just take the values from his original FFVII attacks and translate them to FFVI's algorithms, so I had to measure how much damage they'd do on a party of a specific level, see how that'd work on FF6 and come up with values for each attack.

I've also bumped up his HP by a lot. At the original 80k HP he drops like a fly. It's the accurate HP but also not really. The actual final boss battle in FF7 is a series of battles, not just Safer Sephiroth. So what I did was calculate how much damage the player would inflict on all the combined boss before Seph, and I've made that his HP. Note, this isn't just adding the HP of all bosses before, because there were multi-part bosses. It's adding how much damage the player does, not counting multiple hits from one attack.

Anyway, I'd be glad if you guys gave it a shot and some feedback too.

RE: Dissidia Sedecim - A recreation of FF6's combat engine - Seiken_X - 06-12-2019

This is probably the best thing regarding ff6 ive come across since Ive played the original; but im pretty sure ive made the clear enough in discord anyway at this point Tongue

RE: Dissidia Sedecim - A recreation of FF6's combat engine - FEOK - 06-14-2019

Ooo, this looks like a promising project. I started spriting to mix and match characters from various Final Fantasy games and other series. Definitely going to be keeping my eye on this.

RE: Dissidia Sedecim - A recreation of FF6's combat engine - Fire Storm - 06-18-2019

This is AMAZING. I can't wait to see what more you put in! Keep up the jaw dropping work!

RE: Dissidia Sedecim - A recreation of FF6's combat engine - Lockirby2 - 06-22-2019

It's cool to see the mechanics of the different games working together like this. Seeing classic FF1 White Magic sitting next to FF6 and FF7 style menus makes this fusion stand out from a lot of others IMO.