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Fun with Spell Calls - C-Dude - 01-23-2019

As I was rearranging spell indices, I came across various, well... let's call them shortcuts, that result in tightly coupled game mechanics (generally a bad thing, but it has potential to be fun here).

With certain situations, the game checks specifically for a spell ID rather than creating the intended effect.

The ones I've found:

>Life3 makes a direct call to Spell h30, Life1.  [C2/07A4]
>The Condemned status makes a direct call to Spell h0D, Doom. [C2/4F65 and C2/4F76]
>Near Fatal relics make direct calls to Spells h25, h1C, and h24: Shell, Safe, and Reflect. [C2/0A6A, C2/0A78, C2/0A86]

What's so interesting about this?  Well, it means we can use these triggers for something else!
>Life3 triggers when an affected target perishes.  Changing the spell will make them cast something else on themself, or potentially everybody.  What if it was Merton?  Or Quadraslam (well, that would probably have them stabbing themselves repeatedly before they fall over again)?  Would the Launcher 8-attack effect force enemy targeting here?  Would a spell with "Retarget if target dead" change its aiming conditions?  Interesting possibilities await.

>The Condemned countdown triggers a spell call when it expires.  A rude spell that interrupts everything else in the que.  What if that spell were something more interesting than instant death?  Maybe Condemned could inflict Stop, having the spell trigger when the timer runs down?  Or it could be used with a spell to morph Terra, setting Doom status and then activating Morph when the timer runs out.  Or Quick!  There are some issues with this and Overcast, which also uses the Condemned timer, but there might be workarounds for that.

>Near Fatal relics might be interesting if we could do more with the spell targeting, like forcing it to hit an enemy.  The problem here is that the cast is always reflexive (unless we point to a new subroutine, instead of the 'no animation cast at self' that these normally use).  Still, the idea that you could make relics cast anything, including Regen, Quick, or even Imp, has some potential.

So... anybody else have any bizarre ideas for things to do with this?

RE: Fun with Spell Calls - MysticLord - 01-24-2019

Abstract it into support materia like system. There's a Pathfinder spell starting with C whose name escapes me that is an appropriate effect.


Basically have an if, a set of modifiable boolean conditions, and a result. Slap it into a table somewhere and have sonething reference it.