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How to make Sketch not suck - seibaby - 05-18-2017

Hey folks! I'd like to share with you all some code to improve the Sketch command. Sketch is an interesting ability hampered by two things: it uses the monster's stats rather than Relm's, which are generally really low; and the selection of available attacks are often outright garbage. The latter is fixable with FF3usME, but the first requires some code changes to fix.

With this patch, Sketch will use the attacker's stats (Vigor and Magic for physical or magical attacks, respectively).

!freespace = $C2A694

;Put attacker level [or Sketcher if applicable] in $11AF
org $C22C21
LDA $3417       ;Get Sketcher
JSR newfunc     ;New code
LDA $3B18,X     ;Level
STA $11AF       ;Level

org !freespace
BMI .exit       ;Branch if no Sketcher
TAX             ;if there's a valid Sketcher, use their Level for attack
LDA $11A2       ;Spell Properties
LSR A           ;Check if Physical/Magical
LDA $3B41,X     ;Sketcher's Mag.Pwr
BCC .magical    ;Branch if not physical damage
LDA $3B2C,X     ;Sketcher's Vigor * 2
STA $11AE       ;Set Sketcher's Magic or Vigor
 Credits to Synchysi for parts of this code, which I lifted straight out of Brave New World.

RE: How to make Sketch not suck - Lightning - 05-03-2022

Sorry to bump an old thread - but I am using this great patch with my hack but realized today it does not work with control. Is there any way to make this same code work with control? Sketch is actually better than control by using Relm's stats!

RE: How to make Sketch not suck - seibaby - 05-04-2022

Yes, you'd have to add a check for $32B9,X (who's Controlling this entity?) and if any, load that entity's magic power instead.