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FF6 Memes Thread! - B-Run - 04-12-2017

Edit: The old contest thread has been TRANSMOGRIFIED into a permanent thread! So post any FF6 Memes you find/create here!

We all love them, and we love to hate them, and we hate to love them, and we also love to hate to love them... but anyway you look at it... Memes aren't going anywhere.


[Image: 1n49mw.jpg]

[Image: 1n4a08.jpg]

You can use a non-ff6 Meme that references FF6, or make an FF6 Meme that references something else, or make it 100% ff6 all the way through! So long as the Meme is in anyway related to Final Fantasy VI, we'll take it! Personally, I'd love to see some new long-term memes we could use over and over again. FF6 has MORE than enough nuance and character to have unique memes associated with it, and I'd love to push them into the public eye (like a syringe in a horror film).

If you need help generating a meme, there are free websites that do the work for you, all you need is an image and an idea of what you want to say. I used https://imgflip.com/memegenerator to make the ones above.

Good luck, have fun, and Happy Hacking!

RE: FF6 Meme Contest! - madsiur - 04-12-2017

Nice idea!

Here is my first entry. I'll take more time to think about my second one.

[Image: koLa0Vh.png]

RE: FF6 Meme Contest! - Tenkarider - 04-12-2017

Nice idea!  Wink
not enough time for a whole brainstorm, so here's my best shots made on the fly:

[Image: JSen6jcl.jpg]

[Image: 15AtSXtl.png]

RE: FF6 Meme Contest! - HatZen08 - 04-12-2017

A message from Elvis Presley, directly from its grave.

[Image: 1n5a5f.jpg]

RE: FF6 Meme Contest! - seibaby - 04-13-2017

Meme contest, eh? I've prepared for this...

[Image: 7yJUmnR.png]

[Image: nPpeFYd.png]

RE: FF6 Meme Contest! - Nowea - 04-13-2017

[Image: NIwYj1J.gif]

RE: FF6 Meme Contest! - Cecil188 - 04-13-2017

Hope you brought some milk, because this OC is spicy!

[Image: pQJ3zX5.jpg]

[Image: 071J58I.jpg]

RE: FF6 Meme Contest! - madsiur - 04-13-2017

This thread is getting better and better! @Cecil188: This vanish-doom meme is epic!

My second entry. I might change my first entry but I'll edit my previous post in this case.

[Image: aKsScvR.jpg]

RE: FF6 Meme Contest! - HatZen08 - 04-13-2017

My second submission.

In a cinema near where you live...

[Image: 1n6w10.jpg]

RE: FF6 Meme Contest! - Gi Nattak - 04-13-2017

Really loving everyone's submissions! These are all great thus far.
I had quite a difficult time selecting two from the ones I made...so hopefully we will have more of this in the future!

1) [Image: ir69Ok3.jpg]

2) [Image: q45SuTU.jpg]