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MMMMMagic 2.0 - B-Run - 09-17-2016

MMMMMagic (magic expansion patch)
Version: 2.0
Release Date: 9/17/2016
Author: B-Run
Applies to: FF3us 1.0 ROM
ROM should be expanded prior to patching using FF3usME, Lunar Expand, or manually.
Download (Advanced)
Download (Plug and Play)

Three months and 200+ hours in development; the MMMMMagic update is here!

This patch updates the magic system in FF3us to be more RAM efficient, enabling hackers to have up to 16 unique, reusable magic lists and an extra 10 new spells within those lists. New spells can be set into espers and natural magic just like any other spell. In addition to this expansion, there is increased flexibility in editing for hackers:
  • edit what spells appear in the magic menu,
  • edit spell menu order,
  • edit who gets which magic list, 
  • edit who gets cumulative (Gogo-style) magic,
  • edit what is considered black/gray/white magic,
  • allows magic to be learned via event command 66,
  • frees up 85 ($55) bytes of SRAM
This expansion is primarily accomplished by tracking spell progression by esper instead of by spell. Once a spell is ready to be learned, it enables a bit for that spell for that character. Due to this change, the ability to learn magic from equipment is disabled. However, this is partially offset by the addition of event command 66 which allows spells to be learned in event code. Event command 66 is a 3 byte command that follows the format "66 AA BB", where AA=list ID, and BB=spell ID.

There are two versions of the patch: the Advanced and the Plug-and-Play versions.

MMMMMagic 2.0 Advanced

The "Advanced" version of the hack does not set up any new spells for you. This is designed for hackers who are more comfortable editing data and want to choose how/where to implement new spells. Check the "readme" for instructions on how to add up to 10 new spells to the spell list.

[b]What's included with in "MMMMMagic.zip":
  • MMMMMagic.ips (Lunar IPS patch for headered ROM)
  • MMMMMagic.asm (xkas patch)
  • MMMMMagic.txt (full disassembly for the patch)
  • SpellDesc.bin (spell description data, imported by the .asm)
  • SpellDescPntr.bin (spell description pointers, imported by the .asm)
  • readme.txt (important "how to" information)

MMMMMagic 2.0 Plug-and-Play

The "Plug-and-Play" version of the hack adds 10 new spells, overwriting desperation attacks, and places them on appropriate espers. This is for hackers who are less comfortable editing certain kinds of data within hex. You can still edit these new spells and using the instructions included you can edit just as much as the "advanced" version of the patch.

What's included with in "MMMMMagic Plug-and-Play.zip":
  • MMMMMagic-PNP-header.ips (Lunar IPS patch for headered ROM)
  • MMMMMagic-PNP.ips (Lunar IPS patch for unheadered ROM)
  • MMMMMagic.txt (full disassembly for the patch)
  • readme.txt (important "how to" information)
New Spells and updated Espers in the plug-and-play version:
 Drains HP from all enemies
    MP Cost:   53
    Power:     66
    On Esper:  Fenrir (x2)
 Poison-elemental attack
    MP Cost:   66
    Power:     114
    Status:    Poison
    On Esper:  ZoneSeek (x3)
 Cuts all enemies HP by 7/8
    MP Cost:   67
    On Esper:  Terrato (x2)
 Unfocused Water-elemental attack
    MP Cost:   60
    Power:     100
    On Esper:  Ragnarok (x2)
 Blinds target
    MP Cost:   7
    Status:    Blind
    On Esper:  Stray (x2), Phantom (x5)
 Avoids 1 physical attack
    MP Cost:   19
    Status:    Image
    On Esper:  Raiden (x3)
 Turns enemy into an item
    MP Cost:   38
    On Esper:  Ragnarok (x2)
 Casts Shell/Safe on target
    MP Cost:   45
    Status:    Safe/Shell
    On Esper:  Golem (x1)
 Recovers HP and gives Regen
    MP Cost:   28
    Power:     24
    Status:    Regen
    On Esper:  Alexandr (x2)
 Recovers HP and cures status ailments
    MP Cost:   38
    Power:     32
    On Esper:  Starlet (x1)

Working on this patch has been a great learning experience for me. Please don't hesitate to ask questions about this patch or the magic system in general. I encourage everyone to take their hacking to the next level. Dig in. Learn as much as you can. There's always something more that can be done. Make your hack exactly what you want it to be. I hope that this patch can help you get there.

Happy Hacking!

RE: MMMMMagic 2.0 - B-Run - 09-18-2016

updated a small bug where if you wanted to assign one of the natural magic lists to an extended character (like, higher than Gogo), it wouldn't apply properly.

Also in the original I had labeled one of the C0 functions as replacing code that was actually in previously free code. Updated it so that people who have edits in C0 have less potential for accidental conflict.

Neither of these should cause problems for 99% of users.

RE: MMMMMagic 2.0 - madsiur - 09-18-2016

This is the kind of patch I would use as a base if I revive FF6:Enhanced someday! Great work B-Run I think this is a nice addition to the community!

RE: MMMMMagic 2.0 - Lockirby2 - 09-18-2016

This is great and versatile for virtually any hack that doesn't rely on learning spells from equipment. 9.9/10!

RE: MMMMMagic 2.0 - Timbo - 03-07-2017

Is this compatible with Hatzen08's Esper Commands?

RE: MMMMMagic 2.0 - B-Run - 03-07-2017

Thumbing through the asm I think so. But you should make a backup before you try it out. Which is just best practice before applying any patches anyway.

If they aren't... it shouldn't be too hard to edit the asm files to ensure they don't overlap each other. As far as I can tell there are no functionality clashes, if anything it would just be code locations needing to be changed.

RE: MMMMMagic 2.0 - Timbo - 03-07-2017

I was kind of concerned because that Hatzen's patch makes Gogo into a normal caster. This is awesome news!

RE: MMMMMagic 2.0 - B-Run - 03-07-2017

(03-07-2017, 12:02 PM)Timbo Wrote: I was kind of concerned because that Hatzen's patch makes Gogo into a normal caster. This is awesome news!

Does it? If this is the case make sure you apply Mmmmmagic 2.0 second.

RE: MMMMMagic 2.0 - Blunderpuggs - 12-24-2017

Sorry for the necropost, but how would I switch Gau's and Gogo's magic list? The patch seems like a nice perk to any hack, but I'm not interested in having all tjose different magic lists.

RE: MMMMMagic 2.0 - B-Run - 05-14-2018

(12-24-2017, 03:50 PM)Blunderpuggs Wrote: Sorry for the necropost, but how would I switch Gau's and Gogo's magic list? The patch seems like a nice perk to any hack, but I'm not interested in having all tjose different magic lists.

Sorry for the Necro-reply, you just need to change these values

F3/000B: FF
F3/000C: 0B

That's literally it. Gogo will learn magic like a normal character, Gau will get his magic based off of the rest of the party.