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Brave New World Script Change - MagiteKid - 08-12-2016

Alrighty, so I'm obviously new to the mod/hacking work, so I'm basically here to get some advice on how to proceed with my current project.

The project in question will be using Brave New World as a mechanical base, and applying a translation overhaul which will effectively combine the best parts from BNW along with the TWU Hack and my own personal touches.

Ultimately, Vanilla FFVI had far too many bugs and whatnot plaguing it. The Evade stat feels like a waste, Ultima span becomes inevitable, game is too easy, etc. While the BNW hack isn't perfect, I do feel that from a gameplay standpoint, it is probably the best version of VI out there.

The problem?; The translation ranges anywhere from brilliant to hot garbage (Don't hate me) which is a shame, because I have always personally agreed with the notion that games should be just as fun to play as they are to read. Some of the crudeness in characters like Relm are bit too much, Setzer feels unrealized as a character, and some of the humor can be alittle... out there.

This isn't to slight BTB of course, because the script is good more often than not, but the Ted Woolsey Uncensored Hack is far more consistent overall, and having the fatty parts stripped off each and then weaved together will make for the best of both worlds, no doubt.

And, that's where I come in. There have been a number of instances where something I come up with (sometimes on the spot) feels better for a select situation and thus, I add it. The project is ultimately going to be BNW with roughly a third of it's dialogue intact, and the other two thirds replaced with the TWU hack and my own version. There will also be bits and pieces added of my own creation, but nothing fancy like additional events, NPC, etc. 

The REAL problem: I've tried to edit BNW via FF3usMe, and I get a "Dialogue routine pointers were hand hex. edited. Cannot worked with reformed data"
I've heard of this problem before, and basically, from what my layman brain can comprehend: BNW's dialogue/events have been so tinkered with that editors can't use read it's script data, and thus not edit it.

I've messed around with Zone Doctor, but to no avail. I'm not sure if I can figure out how to mess with the text this way.
I'd either like to be able to copy/paste my script (When completed) to BNW, or perhaps modify the text individually throughout BNW.

Any tips on how I should go about this?

RE: Brave New World Script Change - madsiur - 08-12-2016

First, I moved [temporarily] your project thread for two reason:

1) Your cannot edit your project core (dialogues with FF3usME)

2) You are using another hack still in development as your base.


1) Where FF3usME fails, Atlas will [most likely] succeed: http://www.romhacking.net/utilities/224/

2) Tell me BTB or Synchisy give you the OK to do this. Asking first would be the basic of the hacking etiquette. Try ID forum or PM here if you haven't done so.

Paging @BTB Tongue

At the same time, if you get an ok, you can ask how they handled the dialogues (pointers locations, manual dialogue expansion if any, etc.) to simplify your life with Atlas.

RE: Brave New World Script Change - BTB - 08-16-2016

Synchysi is the one to ask, since I'm not sure what patch of his makes me no longer to edit stuff in USME.

Regarding my opinion on BNW being used...

I'm a modder. I've made a career out of taking other people's work and improving on it, usually without permission and almost always with a great deal of contempt for the original creator(s). Not only would be kind of hypocritical for me to get upset with someone else for doing the same, it would kind of go against my view of a world that encourages artistic liberty instead of attempting to stifle it... (Insert rant about AM2R here).

RE: Brave New World Script Change - funkydiscogod - 08-17-2016

(08-16-2016, 04:41 PM)BTB Wrote: Insert rant about AM2R here.

Really, it needs to be a rant about the entire concept of intellectual property.

RE: Brave New World Script Change - BTB - 08-18-2016

Pretty much. I have pretty much zero respect for or acknowledgement of it.

Also, AM2R is f**k**g GREAT. Y'all really need to play it.