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Introduction Thread - Zeemis - 06-08-2009

I thought I'd break the ice for everyone and make an introduction thread.
Of course you all should know me, I make boss battles for you guys on YouTube. Smile
I specialize in scripting, more so than any other field in hacking FFVI.

Welcome everyone, tell us about your self a little! Smile

RE: Introduction Thread - Sigma - 06-08-2009

Well, hi. My name's Sigma, but you can call me Sig, Siggy, Will, or even my other alias, "TMS." I do game mods and game programming myself, so Zeemis and I can sympathize on a similar level when it comes to time and effort of game creation. Laugh

I'm helping Zeemis here out with his site by 1. providing him with this web space (free of charge), and 2. helping him post hacks when his typing-and-clicking fingers run out of energy. Before I started doing this help for him, he actually voice-acts for one of my games, and I figured in doing this in return, it suffices as "evening out" with each other, because in reality, I owe you one, man. Tongue

Anyway, nice to see you all.

RE: Introduction Thread - Zeemis - 06-08-2009

I gave Sigma the user title under his name.

RE: Introduction Thread - NeoBahamut - 06-08-2009

I'm NeoBahamut, the fammed original NeoBahamut. (I didn't name my nick after FFVII's NeoBahamut, they named it after me.)
Anyways, I make hard core hacks.
Oh and I like power, so any time Zeemis wants to give me more start thingies I'd be glad to accept them.

RE: Introduction Thread - SSJ Rick - 06-08-2009

whats up everybody my name is Gabriel Enrique Baez Mateo Linares Castillo Nader lmao (yea thats actually my full name :p) I am known as Poco Loco, it is my artist name as well as my tag name

as for my skills I can honestly say I am pretty new to hex editing and am ok with scripting, I am stronger when it comes to spriting and portraits

let me know if you guys want a custom mugshot or 2

or even a few suggestions on tweaking or editing sprite sheets

RE: Introduction Thread - NeoBahamut - 06-08-2009

Oh we have to post our strengths and weaknesses?
Meh, I am strong in Dialoge editting, Map editting, Sprite and Portrait editting, and script editting....wait that's all there is to be strong or weak in...that must mean I'm not bad at all.
NeoBahamut - The self proclaimed best edittor in the world.

RE: Introduction Thread - SSJ Rick - 06-08-2009

well idk about putting strengths and weaknesses but thats just something I did, but shyt bro if ur good @ dialog editing help me out man Smile

RE: Introduction Thread - NeoBahamut - 06-08-2009

I just use Final Fantasy 3 ED, I found out that you can avoid all bad things if you only use it for a dialoge edittor.

RE: Introduction Thread - SSJ Rick - 06-08-2009

well the problem with that is that its not 100% of the dialog thats why

I was hoping to try and get in touch with Yousei so that he could @ least finish that much of his editor but unfortunately no luck Sad

RE: Introduction Thread - Zeemis - 06-08-2009

I've tried to use only the font editor from FF3ED and it will still patch it with a map and font patch...
That's extremely annoying imo.