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m06 stream - m06 - 06-25-2016

hey there, I'm gonna stream a bit today. Around 18 GMT or 8 hours from now, I want to be before jameswhite to be able to watch him sprite.

I have a script/tool that I want to show you. It's basically what I use for all my hacking as I really like to hex edit.


The format is an easy way to write hex around the ROM, allowing comments, includes and other convenient commands to document the patch. I think this can be very useful for event editing, NOPing and simple patches. With includes, sections and binary files this format can also expand to manage data allocations and large projects.

I will be working on a patch or hack later and explain the format as we go. Hope to see some of you there, let me know what you think of this file spec.

happy hacking!

link to stream: https://www.twitch.tv/m06u3

RE: m06 stream: Patch Text - B-Run - 06-25-2016

I will do my best to be in there... make sure to drop a line in the shoutbox when you are getting ready to start.

This sounds really interesting!

RE: m06 stream: Patch Text - madsiur - 06-25-2016

That should be pretty cool! I'll be there!

RE: m06 stream: Patch Text - JWhiteLXXXIX - 06-25-2016

will be there m0gs got a dope voice lol

RE: m06 stream: Patch Text - FF6Fanatic - 06-25-2016

This should be interesting, count me in. Frog

RE: m06 stream: Patch Text - m06 - 09-18-2016

hello fellow hackers, I'll be streaming again tomorrow (monday september 19.) at 16:00 GMT/UTC+0 so that's in 24 hours time.

Stream: https://www.twitch.tv/m06u3
Countdown: https://countingdownto.com/countdown/m06-shows-off-ff6tools-countdown-clock

I want to thank everyone who showed up last time, especially FF6Fanatic and Gi Nattak for providing me with lots of interesting ideas.

This time I will be showing Everything's new editor FF6Tools, I want to go over the features with you and get any feedback you might have. Some features include:
 * Map editing: Tilemaps, Triggers, properties and what not
 * Event Script Editing
 * Monster and battle group editing
 * Battle Script Editing
 * Character data editing
 * Item and Shop editing
 * Text editing

Everything has done a really good job of memory allocation in his editor and most of the stuff that is editable can be expanded to free space automatically.

There is also a project file associated with each hacked ROM that stores all the memory allocations and any information pertaining to the project. Even menu building is stored in this file so if you have extra script commands or modified some lower level behaviour of the game you could implement changes to the editor through the project file. The file is in xml (plist) format so it's easy to navigate with a text editor or parse with an XML parser. 

I have a scenario in mind to work on if I get to that on the stream. But I mostly want to test the editor as throughly as possible and receive any ideas on improvement.

So I hope to see you there, FF6Tools is nothing short of incredible so this will be a lot of fun.

happy hacking!

RE: m06 stream - B-Run - 09-18-2016

That's right at my lunch break at work. Perfect!

Also this:

RE: m06 stream - madsiur - 09-18-2016

I will miss this. We should make sure to record it somehow and put it on youtube after.

RE: m06 stream - B-Run - 09-18-2016

m06, if you don't mind having twitch archive your stream, or otherwise recording that would be really helpful. I will also try to host/archive with the ff6hacking channel, (I guess that puts me on troll duty). Ideally, I'll be able to just post the archived version from the ff6hacking channel, but to be safe, if you could record and send to me that would be extremely helpful.

RE: m06 stream - madsiur - 09-18-2016

Also I'd like to know the twitch channel used if possible. I will announce this on twitter and Facebook this evening and tomorrow if m06 doesn't mind impromptus visitors.