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Pony Fantasy VI Remake - DrakeyC - 01-23-2016


RE: Pony Fantasy VI Remake - Badass - 01-23-2016

1. https://www.ff6hacking.com/forums/showthread.php?tid=877
 theres another one floating also for his equipment.  You should ask Gi Nattak.

2. https://www.ff6hacking.com/forums/showthread.php?tid=2015
hex editing req.

theres a bunch of your answered questions all in multiple threads.   Good luck

RE: Pony Fantasy VI Remake - DrakeyC - 01-23-2016

Thank you very much.

RE: Pony Fantasy VI Remake - DrakeyC - 01-23-2016

Okay, I understand *what* I need to change with the Hex editor, but can't find the spot in the hex coding to do the change. I'm using HxD as my hex editor.

RE: Pony Fantasy VI Remake - Gi Nattak - 01-23-2016


Since we went over the palette thing, I'll leave that to anyone else. Although I'm pretty sure it is that issue of needing to recruit them in order to see the permanent change after editing the character's palette in the event code.

1) About the ROM crash, you forgot to add that you also used the evade patch I think it was? Sounds like you patched it incorrectly, meaning it either required a header, or not. And your ROM was the opposite of that. Remember what I was saying about the header via email? It plays a HUGE part when applying patches or it will patch the wrong address and will result in a freeze, the evade patch makes perfect sense for the battle freeze. You can repair your ROM, by finding out where you did patch it, and revert the data back using a hex editor with copy feature and/or dumping data from a clean ROM. You might be better off just starting over though honestly, if you haven't done all that much. Consider it a learning experience.

So, firstly you'll need to learn if your ROM is headered or not, and how to go about applying and removing said header. And be sure to make backups of your ROM before using any patch!

2) Umaro can be a proper playable character for the most part, aside from having his own magic like the other characters. The best you can have him do without doing some real hacking to give him learnable magic, is to have him share the spells the current party already knows, like Gogo. Here are two patches that does all the rest in terms of making them 'normal', in terms of non-berserked and able to equip:

You'll have to edit his skills in FF3usME, and just like with the character palette issue, you will not see Umaro's skills change if he is already been recruited. It will freeze the game actually I think.

3) Yes, this can be done easily, but you'll need to do some work in the C2 and C3 bank, outside of what FF3usME can do. You'll want to get to know the main disassemblys that the nice people behind them put together:
link to Slick Production: http://www.slickproductions.org/docs.php?id=FF6

You'd want to find the list of commands to change to and from, that some relics utilize. The code is in C2 and C3. Long story short, it's here:

(Data - commands that can be replaced with other commands thanks to Relics)

C2/5452: 05   (Steal)
C2/5453: 0F   (Slot)
C2/5454: 0D   (Sketch)
C2/5455: 02   (Magic)
C2/5456: 00   (Fight)

(Data - commands that can replace above commands due to Relics)

C2/5457: 06   (Capture)
C2/5458: 18   (GP Rain)
C2/5459: 0E   (Control)
C2/545A: 17   (X-Magic)
C2/545B: 16   (Jump)

Data: Commands to change FROM
C3/6198: 05       (Steal)
C3/6199: 0F       (Slot)
C3/619A: 0D       (Sketch)
C3/619B: 02       (Magic)
C3/619C: 00       (Fight)

Data: Commands to change TO
C3/619D: 06       (Capture)
C3/619E: 18       (GP Rain)
C3/619F: 0E       (Control)
C3/61A0: 17       (X-Magic)
C3/61A1: 16       (Jump)

Change those around however you want, and then edit the flag for the relic or piece of equipment in FF3usME to correspond to that list.

This all might be a bit over your head though, I'm not sure how familiar you are with ROM hacking and using a hex editor...I can elaborate further if need be, but that's how you do it!

4) I've done this before, but I'm not exactly sure now what it was. Something easy though, just gotta look in the C2 Disassembly where all the battle related code is handled, search and find the related code, and change it. FF3usME can't do this stuff, it's all about getting familiar with the code in the main banks the disassemblys cover, and in most cases some assembly knowledge is needed. But for this change, it's easy I remember. Just gotta use 'EA' bytes which will bypass code basically in order to make it not stick on doing it like berserk.

HatZen made a patch for Dance: http://www.romhacking.net/hacks/1140/
For Rage, I think you'd just need to remove the status (Rage status) from executing in the code:
C2/1581: 99 F9 3E     STA $3EF9,Y  (Set Rage status)
Put EA EA EA for this and it should allow you to just do one rage and be normal next turn...this will take off Rage status, in other words.

5) Event editing is not bad, just a massive learning curve at first. Once you have that event dump in hand that I linked you to via email, it's all about, once again, becoming used to the hex editor, and then just basically practicing editing some basic events to get a feel for it, like change a song, a map, a character action or movement etc. What you want to do for that Gestahl portrait battle is easy, once you know what you're doing. It would be impossible at first though without starting from the ground up and learning the basics. You'd need to put a check in the event first that checks IF the Statues have all been defeated, then the battle would ensue. Otherwise if the Statues have not, then it wouldn't. This is all basic event editing stuff. The main two tools you'd need to use to event edit is the event dump document, and of course a hex editor, but also the Level Editor comes into play and has an NPC event and map event section to edit, depending on what you want to do.

There is a lot to event editing, I can't event begin to explain how to learn about it in this post though, I'd recommend checking the video tutorials here: https://www.ff6hacking.com/forums/video_player.php
And maybe searching around the site for some event related threads, there's been many that might help you get a better feel for it better. Asking questions as you go is most welcomed.

6) Yep, that's event editing. You'd want to edit her event so it would give Locke (under the right conditions) an item. Easily done, once you can edit events. =)

RE: Pony Fantasy VI Remake - DrakeyC - 01-23-2016

With the ROM, I have no clue where to change it. I do keep a backup of the original ROM, though - would it be easier to just grab my dialogue and sprite sheets from the current one, make sure the new ROM is headered before applying patches, and start over? I haven't done much work other than dialogue and sprites.

RE: Pony Fantasy VI Remake - Gi Nattak - 01-23-2016

It would be easier I think in this case. Luckily you can dump the dialog with FF3usME, and the sprites etc.

Changing it back to working though is easy if you want, you'd need to grab a clean ROM and patch the patch you used (evade) with a program like Lunar IPS and make sure you have 'Create a Log file' checked so it spits out an ips report, which will show you the address that the patch effected. Then you can dump over clean data from a clean ROM to your hack to fix it.
This is super easy to do, but it might be better to just start over fresh. Your call.

RE: Pony Fantasy VI Remake - DrakeyC - 01-23-2016

Is the Evade glitch the only thing I'd need to worry about?

EDIT - The Slick Production link you provided, their guides are dead links.

RE: Pony Fantasy VI Remake - Gi Nattak - 01-23-2016

Oops, you're right... Huh after approving the first post, it used to not need more approvals. Maybe somethings messed up with that. EDIT: Okay it was set to 2 approvals, since we did the update. Sorry about that.

The Evade glitch patch would be the only one to worry about fixing if it's the only patch you've applied so far. Were there any others?

RE: Pony Fantasy VI Remake - DrakeyC - 01-23-2016

Yes. In addition to the Lion armlet and Umaro ones, I've also applied patches for the Doom-Vanish glitch, the Rippler bug, and Psycho Cyan.