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Need help from a sprite artist - JCE3000GT - 01-16-2015

I'm going to do a mod of Super Mario All-Stars + World for my wife's birthday by replacing Mario (or Luigi) with either Peach or another female character. I am NOT any good with graphics and I do not know anything about Mario games either.

Does anyone have any time to see if they can help me out with this? Her birthday is February 16th and if this can be done I would like to have a repro made for her before that date.

RE: Need help from a sprite artist - Tenkarider - 01-16-2015

Do you know anyone of SMW Central? They are the master of the sector...

RE: Need help from a sprite artist - JCE3000GT - 01-16-2015

No I do not, and since I'm a nobody in that realm I do not know if I could go in there with that kind of request. LOL I was hoping someone in a community tha knows me could provide some assistance. If not I will probably just buy her more jewelry. At least this idea is more great one than just jewelry. Hana

RE: Need help from a sprite artist - Tenkarider - 01-17-2015

I must say that it would be feasible using YY-CHR image editor... opening "All graphics" file from graphics of SMW rom(this should be valid only for SMW)
Then someone with some decent skill in snes graphics should be able to replace mario sprites with the one of peach (man it would be hilarious to see mario pop up from Bowser's flying vehicle shouting HELP ME! Laugh )
Still it should have to be made fit with the size of mario and vice-versa...

Unfortunately i'm not that guy, still i knew that Zeemis was skilled with YY-CHR
I mean, is it really possible that there's no one else in this site able to use that program? It should be the same used for making custom weapons as ff6 hack, like some i've seen in some thread of this site... Sad

PS. i found this one in SMW central:
If i read correctly it should be a huge step in archieving your goal, it would be necessary to copy-paste those graphics in the all graphics file of the game and follow some little guide...

RE: Need help from a sprite artist - JCE3000GT - 01-17-2015

Thanks for that, I will check that out and see if this is something I could do. But, if someone could at least edit/modify the sprite to be slightly different that would be awesome too.

RE: Need help from a sprite artist - Tenkarider - 01-17-2015

Don't forget to find on SMW central the racoon patch!
I cannot help with sprite improvement, anyway i tried to put the hack on a smw rom and my result was:
- Peach usable, instead of Mario;
- Leaf instead of Feather;
- Peach name instead of mario in the upper-left part of the screen;
- Skrewed palettes; (didn't pay enough attention to the process)
- Some glitched sprite; (there was an asm file to apply with xkas, but i don't know/remember how to do it)

It's all a matter of ips patching, lunar magic import options(it's quite user friendly, especially in the latest version) and xkas for apply that asm...
The other edits required should be in the readme files.

PS i rushed in doing that: i bet you'll be able to do that without too much troubles Wink

RE: Need help from a sprite artist - Catone - 01-17-2015

I have to agree with Tenkarider, seeing Mario crying for Peach to save him would be pretty funny.

I'd like to help with this one, but wow from what Ive seen so far SMW is a whole other monster (glad I'm an FF fan instead). I'd have to wonder though, regarding that Peach sprite, if instead of the Racoon tail could you work in her umbrella in place of the cape? I'm no spriter by any means and I dont even know what kinda file that thing is but now I'm curious.

RE: Need help from a sprite artist - Tenkarider - 01-17-2015

When i did a quick search online, i found only 2 spritesheets of Peach(i linked one of the 2 in some post above) and there's the chance that only the 2 i mentioned are in SMW central Sad
For some reason they replaced cape with leaf, and looks like there won't be any chance to find a cape version.
On a side note you must fix with the racoon asm, or you'll see horrible glitched graphics when you'll fly as if you had the cape.

RE: Need help from a sprite artist - Catone - 01-17-2015

Hmm, just looking at the editing programs for that game make me want to drink, alot... anyway, yep I think Tenkarider is correct, as far as my mind can grasp the topic. That sprite is probably the cleanest one you'll come across without delving into the deep end, and I'd have to agree 100% on everything else he said too based on my limited exploration.

While looking through the tools section I did see some cool stuff though:

Program that checks for free space in a ROM. Not sure what it considers "free" exactly, but it craps out a list of offsets and how big the "empty" blocks are. I thought it was cool at least.

SMW Title Logo Tutorial
If you havn't already seen it or know how to do it, something like this would definatly be an addition to this project.

Wish I could actually be of some help but I'm not even sure where to start on that one, and I'm way to ugly to be a cheerleader, sorry. I would be interested in how it turns out though.

RE: Need help from a sprite artist - Tenkarider - 01-17-2015

Editing the title might be a good idea, all the other stuff is doable with programs i mentioned above... still i think that lunar magic is the best editing program i've seen ever, i must admit that beats our tools of ff6 Sad

On a side note i'm pretty sure that it's actually easier than what you could imagine to achieve your goal, trust me! Wink