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FF6 Curse of the Gods - full game hack project - Tenkarider - 12-18-2014

Long ago, in the name of a meaningless war, countless crimes have been committed. That made upset the gods.

People started to die suddenly, most of the time that happened to veterans from the battlefield. A curse that killed...

...whoever started to kill creatures, human or not: that's what people say. War stopped immediately.

Still the Empire started to make human tests to learn more about the curse... the infamous .........Curse of the Gods!!!

Beta 0.1 link, only curse feature and few others on vanilla version: (if you missed the other thread)

Ok, someone might remember my thread about reversing HP and MP progression... well, surprisingly i managed to implement the required ASM code on my own.
Now i can officially declare opened my project #2: FF6 Curse of the Gods. (CotG)

Here's a video which shows the main unique features of this hack:

After doing Ultimate Czar it's time for something completely new... new in the whole FF6 community, a full game hack with innovative crazy mechanics:

- You'll start with almost HP max, to be more precise the HP your allies would have at lv 99, without any extra boost;
- Lv ups will decrease HP and MP, instead of increase them;
- Characters will start with low parameters;
- Shops sell stuff at high price;
- Espers will give you some boost, but the higher their power, the faster your HP/MP will decrease;
- The game wants that you power up, so that the curse will consume your allies;
- Sooner or later some of your ally might lose all their HP: he will be basically dead;
- The balance of the game gives you a wide choice: will you escape from the curse, or embrace it at your own risk?
- New battle approach;
- The curse is behind the corner, a wrong choice will expose you even more to the curse;
- New AI/parameters for monsters;
- Items/Equips/relics will be changed;
- New dialogues and some change to the story of the game;
- Misc stuff.

[Image: p04dvzdvpyv53f4zg.jpg]

[Image: ic8cek5a0f7ttcczg.jpg]

[Image: 2iw4hm1m6reixgpzg.jpg]

[Image: rfx7p2a4dyawlxnzg.jpg]

[Image: cvoz6p6pgfkmlorzg.jpg]

The curse will steal your life, as you'll proceed through the game, the world itself it's agonizing from the pain that the curse brings... items, GP and power lack, combined to the rules of this cruel curse will make you feel the need of being stronger, which means being in contact with the curse... something similar to Breath of Fire V: Dragon Quarter, just to give you a better idea...

But i warned you: don't abuse of power, or the curse will burn your soul...
A Cursed character will be left alive with 0 HP and being able to use only fight command, since the parameters will be drained, basically the charater will turn into a vegetable for the rest of the game: the best idea you can have is to leave him in the airship until the end.
Are you interested to live a completely new FF6 experience?

Currently the hack is work in progress, anyway i have ready a beta version(v0.1), which aims to show the main features, and hopefully will be tested from some kind people that might be able to give me some good advice Wink

I'll quickly post a second thread in which i'll release the beta and leave that thread being the place in which to discuss about the beta

RE: FF6 Curse of the Gods - full game hack project - Scorcher - 12-19-2014

I don't mean to sound rude, but it seems like this hack punishes people who play too much. I mean, if you play a lot, everyone's gonna be useless vegetables eventually.

RE: FF6 Curse of the Gods - full game hack project - Tenkarider - 12-19-2014

Well, i wanna propose a completely new way to approach FF6, don't take it as a punishment for who plays too much: it's difficult to find the proper balance, but i also want to make possible to LLG this hack... even if you do all the subquests of WoR;
If you don't LLG the game but still want to complete the subquest, then i want you manage to do that, you'll be strong, but your HP will make you frail.

I want to put a line that the player don't have to cross... this limitation will be something that you'll have to consider for the whole gameplay.

On a side note the theme of the hack(at least starting from v1.0) won't be to dodge battles, rather than dodge the curse... It's difficult to explain it right now, but when the time will come, everything will be clear. Objection!

RE: FF6 Curse of the Gods - full game hack project - Bahamut ZERO - 12-20-2014

This sounds..... really cool. Smile Now, will level averaging be in CotG? I hope it isn't, but I can see why it would be, as there's a curse effecting everything.

Atma Weapon's going to be godly to have when you first find it (unless of course it's being removed or something). Or maybe the Atma Weapon's been cursed too, so the LESS health you have the stronger it gets, like it's EATING YOUR SOUL. Nomnomnom.

Now, what level in general would a character be once they'd become a vegetable? I figure a nice sweet spot for vegetable-tality would be like lv60-70 (or say lv50 in Strago's case), with health decreasing like crazy the last 5-10 levels. Kind of like the curse is finally breaking them down at that point.

In any case, can't wait to see where this goes! Smile

RE: FF6 Curse of the Gods - full game hack project - Tenkarider - 12-20-2014

Thanks for cheers! Wink

Yeah, level averaging will be present, so the curse will spread among allies, but without level bonus/malus, so no +2 +5 or -3 to level averaging. allies will always have +0... just guests and Kefka will have a different boost(it would be awesome seeing Kefka perish against Ifrit in the case you boost your level too high Laugh ;[ )

I still have to think on how Atma and Valiant knife will work, anyway at the moment Atma will get a great benefit from low levels, but at the same time you need of an high level modifier... so the ideal moment should be LV 50.

Another neat idea that i'll implement almost for sure is that the old man will give you a shiny Paladin Shield, but it's almost consumed from the curse, so... after 3 battles Paladin Shield will turn into a Cursed Shield... forever.

You start at ~9800 HP, each level will decrease 99 HP: this value is fixed, so it won't be possible to choose the best levels to gain boost from espers, like the first ones that in the vanilla version were +12, +14, +17, +20...

That means that at level 98-99 the curse will burn your soul... if you don't ask for help to espers: say you keep use one esper that boosts HP bonus to +100%, you'll get 198 HP each level in this way, so the curse will get you at lv 49-50 in the worst of the cases.

RE: FF6 Curse of the Gods - full game hack project - Lockirby2 - 12-21-2014

I believe Atma actually doesn't factor HP into the calculations, but rather subtracts damage if you're missing HP. So if a character has 9700/9700 and another has 63/63, but they both have the same level, they will both do the same damage.

RE: FF6 Curse of the Gods - full game hack project - Tenkarider - 12-21-2014

I compared super Terra with cursed Celes, both with atma...

Terra lv 99(from another save)
- HP 9900/9900
- vigor 73
- damage: 9999

Celes lv 90
- HP 0/0
- vigor 0
- damage: ~8000

So... what makes the difference? HP or vigor?

RE: FF6 Curse of the Gods - full game hack project - Cecil188 - 12-21-2014

You might have use of this FAQ for various formulas, including Atma Weapon and Valiant Knife formulas: http://www.gamefaqs.com/ps/562865-final-fantasy-vi/faqs/13573
I've pulled the Atma Weapon section from it and pasted it here.
After step 9 in damage calculation, the damage is modified as follows
step 10a. damage = damage * level
step 10b. damage = damage * ((current HP / 256) + 1) / ((max HP / 256) + 1)
step 10c. damage = (damage / 64) + 1
Based on step 10b, it appears that damage is basically calculated on a percentage of your hp.

Though, Vigor still has just as much of an effect as it does on every other weapon, for what it's worth.

RE: FF6 Curse of the Gods - full game hack project - Synchysi - 12-21-2014

Yeah, Atma Weapon shouldn't be affected much at all. As has been said, its damage modification based on the wielder's missing HP related to their max.

The Valiant Knife, on the other hand, has a flat +1 damage for every point of HP its wielder is missing. So if you manage to keep that character's max HP in the 9000s and run around with them in near death state, they'll be getting greater than 6000 bonus damage just based on their missing HP.

RE: FF6 Curse of the Gods - full game hack project - Tenkarider - 12-21-2014

Sounds like i'm gonna tweak both them...